Dear R,


About these supposed Sananda messages:
I've just tested my judgement by picking a random message from the series and reading two random paragraphs. Same results.
I'll comment on this one in between the lines in
yellowy gold. At your service.
I found this one not totally void of a hint of a warm glow. It reads in general as telepathy from one boot wearer to the other, meaning earth walking both.
Brace, brace, brace, here we go:

Happy Valentines Day from Sananda


By Candace Frieze and Sananda Immanuel



I met with Sananda this morning Valentine's Day. I will simply paste in his comments to start.

First I will wish everyone much Love on this Valentine's Day. Although traditionally for lovers, it is appropriate from my point of view for the celebration of any real love between people. So do send your Mother a Valentine wish, or anyone else you care for. Love is always to be celebrated, and I personally like this Valentine's Day, this year, because I will be amongst you this year and able to share my love of all of you more personally. I assure you that I am most anxious, yes indeed, very eager to be on Earth. I have waited so long for this as have all of you.

Did he ever leave? How more personal can you get than being in the hearts of people? The phrase of expression should read: shake your hand this year.


I thank all of you who have written so far in response to the postings. You have written warm and caring letters. The point of these writings is to make myself more "real." As Candace said to me last night, these are putting a face on me. I am much pleased with the comments. I have been kept away by your BBB&G's for much too long. And this is soon to be ended. I am myself in joy over all of this.

"These are putting a face on me." Michael Jackson needs a face. Have seen Yeshua Immanuel all my life! to speak with Phill Collins.
Here is a suggestion He (capital on purpose) had to wait for the BBQ to be over so there was room to step forward. ?!?


One reader was asking for a way to get better at telepathy faster. I assure you that all your abilities will increase more rapidly with the coming changes. It is difficult to be patient, how well I know this, but in time all things shall come to you. And I mean all things. All of you who have chosen the ascension journey will have your rewards for it, if you but continue the desire for them. Desire is so very Godly, when it is used in a truly Godly way.

Promisses, promisses. Isn't the reward in the journey? Desire for a reward is hardly Godly.


As to this Ascension journey, one reader commented that these writings are something like "Ascension for Dummies." This is quite a nice way to look at it, and draws a smile upon my face. But, you are less dumb than you think, it is all coming. But the idea here is that, really this journey is simpler and less complex than often believed to be. There is much on the Internet and in books that makes all that is coming seem difficult and nearly unobtainable. And this will lead me into what today's topic is about.

The BBB&G’s not only hijacked the various religions on earth, they hijacked the New Age Movement also and created much unnecessary noise and ritual in this movement. They have you believing that you must have altars in your homes with the proper crystals for example, and require much time on meditation which must of course be done according to ritual.

First centence, OK, can live with that. Second one: affronteuse mon cher! This dismisses all lightworkers who use crystals and rituals (haven't come across that one here yet). How bloody indecent! Candace, please tune in sharply my dear. This is (on the edge of) character assasination of lightworkers.


Candace received with the current e-mails letters from folks advertising expensive and detailed schools you can pay a lot of money to, in order to learn Transcendental Meditation. I say, you can learn meditation all by yourself and keep a bunch of dollars in your pocket.

God almighty! TM, good old brain dead TM. Hop, hop! Welcome to planet Earth dear Sananda. Been a while, mmm?


My comment here, having that altar in your home is just a replacement for the public altar in the church buildings. I find my entire home and indeed this Earth I walk on everyday to be my altar. My most used place of relaxation and meditation is my couch. I personally am not fond of ritual, as I find it limiting, and unsatisfying. Some routine can be helpful in life to provide focus. But if you do have rituals that are personally rewarding, and that is the clue here, rewarding, then by all means use them. Any rituals used should be of aid to you and not a hindrance.

Do I read "reward"? Yeah, and go rub it in again. Personal grudge? Been fooled by the bunch here?


I was personally verbally abused by some family members because I would not adhere to the ritual of infant baptism as was used in the churches I was exposed to in my growing up years. I see nothing wrong with having some sort of joyous naming ceremony to welcome a child into the world. The problem is that I was told over and over the child would go to hell or limbo if I did not have the baptism. Baptism is not to be equated with salvation. You can baptize your children yourself if you wish. It need not be done by a cleric to make it "take."

Early pregnancy? Still not entirely grown out of the church grudge. She's got the right angle.


The schools and teachings I am bringing will be simple and will not cost you a bunch of money. I don't need it, and the money would be better spent helping others, if you are fortunate enough to have spare money.

No NESARA here.


There are many "new age" schools around the world, and increasingly in the US, that are no better than the church clubs so many belong to. In these schools you might spend much wasted time trying for example to materialize an object out of thin air, a skill not really much needed on earth at this time and rarely attained.

Waste of time paragraph.


Not much worth as a creation tool, and people pay a lot of money for this. Note, that we have not been teaching this stuff in the Journals or elsewhere. We need you to be grounded and rebuild the Earth by your creative ideas and then bringing those ideas into fruition. Being able to materialize a desk for example, will do little to help this world. You do this all the time to create your "other side" where you are in residence there, but this does little good when you are incarnate on this world in these times.

Manifesting a spare tyre might prove usefull every now and then.


Today we are going to cover some of the things that have been done over time to control you and take you away from Godhood.

The most important thing that occurred was when your ability for mental telepathy was taken away, as more or less described in the Tower of Babel story. By doing this, the deceivers could carry out their games quite in front of you, without detection.

Nowhere is this so evident today as in the US and the organized religions and the organized new age community. When you are telepathic, you can pick up the devious things going on.  This ability was taken away around 3,000 years BC, when you were coming out of the cave-man living conditions that naturally had occurred following the cleansing of earth when last in the photon belt. Many of your American Indians for example were from Atlantis, but with the loss of Atlantis they were set back quite a bit.

Excuse me? 3.000 BC cave man? Last photon belt was some 10/11.000 years ago (2.000 out of every 13.000 I believe I read recently).
The loss of Atlantis set the native americans back a bit? Those bison shooting thugs from across the big pond did that.


So as you were coming together again and finding your God given powers, they took it away. It is often taught on earth that man was bad, God needed the powers taken away. This is not true. It was the BBB&G’s who wanted to keep their ownership of earth that did this, and not God. And as mentioned before the disconnected DNA kept you from communicating with the higher realms.

Addressing two year olds here.


They of course infiltrated the Jewish people and used the teachings of Moses to further control you. They created Yahweh (and Jehovah) in their image and used the command of Moses, that you have no other than Creator God before you. Since they had messed with the Universal DNA developed on Earth, they considered themselves the Creator Gods, and felt quite justified in being worshiped as Yahweh.

Point being here?


The Jewish people, with the disenfranchised DNA did not realize they had been had (a comment here: Anu, one of our lesser gods, stated in a book I have somewhere, thru a channel, that Yahweh was the name of an office clerk. Others have said that when pronounced correctly, Yahweh sounds like a braying donkey. If true our controllers have had quite a laugh.)

Funny! (Fozzy bear)


The Jewish religion at the time that I came was extremely controlling and not at all of God. And these controllers made very sure that everyone fell into line, using the methods still in use today. You can be tortured and imprisoned and even killed for not believing just so (and hung like me on a cross at that time.)

Nothing new again.


These controllers created hell-fire to control Christians and Muslims. They took away reincarnation and the starships that were in the Bible stories. Can you imagine even with these short life times on earth, how much progress you could make if you knew that you reincarnate many times and each lifetime is an opportunity for growth?  The controllers knew this and took that opportunity away.

They made it a triffle more difficult.


They gave their rules to your priesthood, and found willing followers to further the enslavement. Your current Billy Graham is not exactly a nice guy. He repeatedly comes back as a hell-fire type preacher and advisor of presidents and other people. He has quite perfected his technique.

Very obvious dude mr. Graham. They still give their rules to mr. J.P. Balkenende, prime minister here.


I want you all to look at this man and at Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jim Dobson and see that they mock everything but Christianity and set you all up on false pedestals, creating a superiority complex that Christians just have something that others do not (the same follows in Islam also, where Christians are infidels, and Pat Robertson calls Muslims infidels in his writings.)

That superiority excitement is fabulous. The SS were good at it. Stayed the night at a place an SS platoon was still marching the town square. The closest thing to that what makes your heart sing, believe you me. We had a hard time awaking them to the now. Did succeed.


This includes some on the spiritual journey of the New Age also. I see many in this group with this same complex, that they have the real truth. This is the separation technique in action. If you love God, you love all that is God and do not separate yourself and place yourself on a pedestal. They have placed me, by total intent, on a pedestal, by making me equal to the creation, and making the good folks on earth believe they are not worthy of me.

Worth reading this one.


Yesterday, Candace attended the local church that was the subject of her previous essay, called "Sunday I Went to Church." I cannot hear up on the ship what this "pastor" said, and his mind is not open to telepathy, so she repeated what he was saying then gave a description of his actions. This man is so totally the used car salesman and hell-fire preacher, he is an outstanding example of what is wrong with the system. He is quite successful. His congregation is pretty large, and he is financially very successful. His works are mainly that of manipulating the folks out of their money. (You can find this article at Lewis News.)

Can't hear on the ship! They hear your every wisper so to speak. Had to repeat what he said. Sure! Telephaty works one-way, right? Wrong!


Last week, it was reported in the church brochure, that the congregation gave $30,000 on one Sunday alone. If this is typical, this church gives somewhere in the range of $1.4 million a year. They have a large new building on a major road, with fancy signs to attract people. They are now purchasing land across the street and raising money for another building fund, which will include a gym, cafeteria, more meeting rooms etc.


This pastor does offer marriage counseling, but this is typical of most, read the bible and all will work. This man has many bible reading classes. He would do better at helping in a down to earth way. He has no knowledge of the other side and the guides and angels. If he does, he doesn't let anyone know! He is a fiery preacher and Candace squirms in her head as he speaks.

Judgement of a person. Poor Candace. Dove is called Candace too, remember?


She had to leave the sanctuary for a period of time during the worship ceremony of myself. The live band is quite loud, and this pastor is very capable of bringing in negative energies, which gave her quite a headache. She had to sit with her ears plugged with her fingers during the promised 15 minute sermon that lasted nearly 45 minutes. He took off the mike clipped to his suit and picked up a hand mike and quite rattled the ceilings.

Never crossed your mind to get the hell out of there??? Worship of myself, yuck!


Even I picked up on this excess energy. So I still wonder as does she why people put themselves thru this Sunday after Sunday. She says the people are loving and nice everyday folks. When they hug her and call her sister, she feels a real sadness for them, that though they think they know me, they do not.

So this is the way you answer your calling?


She let one know that the Second Coming will be here this year, at my encouragement, but knows that the copy of our first article, left on his secretary’s desk, will probably hit the trash can, and his congregation left not knowing that I am coming. If this lady talks about it and Candace lets her know he had a note on his desk, I think she will be unheard. But we will wait and see if he responds and sends an email requesting the other articles and asking questions. I suspect if he does decide to pay attention, he will use it for his own grandeur.

Second coming is through the heart. Already alive and kicking. They are putting people in passive mode again. The note is pure amateur work. Sananda/God knows! Not "I think".


But my, what $1.4 million could be used for! How many poor folks in Candace's large city could be fed and cared for with this amount of money. How many of this preacher's flock could be really showing their Christness, by being as Christ, (they are not quite yet truly Christ Conscious) and helping out directly in the community. Feeding people is a wonderful way to be Godly.

Does souvreignty or co-creatorship get mentioned here? Methinks not.


I know this group does indeed feel community by going to this church. They do greet each other with love each Sunday. It's just that they might use local buildings already in existence and plan some real works. This preacher of God just takes and takes.

Good advise.


This is not to say that all are this way. I do observe very loving ministers who genuinely do care. And these ministers need to break away from the national organizations and stop supporting them and just have the local group and do more with what they have. There are some that realize there is more than one way to seek God and never exclude anybody for not being Christian. Candace, you have a short story you can tell here.

My short story is that I was at one time, aged 18 (I'm 57 now), drawn to the Catholic church. I was in college for the first time and the local Catholic priest was indeed a wonderful cleric who much understood the realities of the college life for those away from home for the first time. He had wonderful counseling skills and never once stuffed the Bible down my throat. I never heard that I was a sinner. I was welcomed at communion without having to undergo the teachings of the church. Later, when I was in a Catholic Nursing school I was witness to real Catholicism and dropped out of it.

A human priest, wow! 57 Would go nicely with dove. St. Germain on the couch (!!!, "I do most of my relaxing at my couch"), Sananda in her head, poor woman.


After my First Coming, these thugs, realizing that I was accompanied in my double incarnation with the Christ, The Creator Son, really put their heads together, so as to nearly totally corrupt everything I had done. This resulted in those Dark Ages that occurred in Europe. They were able to figure out who my 144,000 were and kept killing them off, incarnation after incarnation of these ones. How they did suffer for their gift to earth. They in fact suffered over these 2,000 years many more times than I did myself. Think about that.

Killing the 144.000 is very noticable, rest is rubbish to me. He's talking like a three year old. Inner child and scizophrenia?


So the Universe fought back and more and more came to work from within. Even with the many, many millions of Christed ones here to show the way, it has been a difficult journey. It is difficult because of these disconnected bodies, and anyone showing any sort of Godliness, especially if telepathic or obviously in connection with the higher realms were brutally murdered and the masses instructed to call them witches. These "witches" were the gifted of Earth.

OK, she knows she's been a witch in a previous life.


Those of you of the Catholic persuasion ought to be educating those in your groups of the great harm and control perpetrated on Earth by these very unholy men of the cloth. Many priests do not know the history of their church and if you can try to do so, you should attempt at their education.

Good luck!


A couple of you that wrote want an active part of First Contact, in terms of helping with a landing. But I want to say that I need your help so very much more in just being where you are and helping all those around you deal with the changes with the knowledge you have.

Standard phrase number 10002.


There are many that do not attend church but still believe in the distorted ideas so prevalent about this Second Coming. They will be in dire need of your knowledge and knowing that these folks descending from the sky in shuttles have their best interests in heart. THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOU TO BE. TO BE AVAILABLE.

In dire need of your knowledge. Dear ego part 34582.


I know many of you are put down by those around you who can't believe in us. Either they don't believe, because of the propaganda that we can't travel these distances in space, or they have heard that we are malevolent. I need you to be there for these my people who are in misunderstanding.

He's not going to be here so he needs Candace to explain. Glad to hear we do have an owner.


The highest command of the Law of Creation is: Achieve the wisdom of knowledge inasmuch as this will enable you to wisely follow the Laws of the Creation. This is indeed the law most disobeyed by the preachers, at least those many that intentionally tell you the only source of information is in that bible. Candace, tell your little story about your tax client, as a demonstration.

It's either a law or a command. Wisdom of knowledge should read plain wisdom. I don't follow shit, I apply.


I had a tax client who had brought me her work for I think 3 years in a row. She is a nice lady, single, but I can't remember if divorced or widowed. She had 2 children, one out of the home, and one still at home, a teenager. On the last year that I did her business, I made some sort of comment about her being my only client that actually gave 10% to her church.

She proceeded to tell me that she did so, to have the protection of Jesus, and he took such good care of her for this 10%. Since she was a teacher and had around 20 years in the system, It was my idea in my head that she was comfortable financially because of her own doing. It didn't say this to her, however. It did tell her that I might not be doing taxes the next year, as I hoped that my organization, Abundant Hope would be taking my time. (Since we have all had to wait and wait, I am still doing taxes, but because of NESARA this will be my last year.) She wanted to know, and so I described that I would be recruiting clerics from the various religions and would set about trying at some re education in organized religion.

"...because of NESARA this will be my last year." LOL. This is getting fun to read.


She inquired of some of the teachings and my sources. I attempted to show her a couple books, and she got a look of absolute horror on her face, told me that I was one of those that her preacher had told her to avoid in these end times. The Bible is the only book about God and life that can be read. She felt sorry about my incarnations here, as if this was my punishment somehow I guess. She knew she had lived a very just life, and it would be the only one on this planet.

"I was one of those that her preacher had told her to avoid in these end times." ROFLMAO!


When I called last year to say I was still in business, she did not return. But the point here is, that there is nothing wrong with reading and studying a variety of material along your journey. In fact this is exactly what you should be doing. Achieving wisdom. Back to Sananda.

Well, my other job calls me at the present, so I say Salu and wish you all my dearest love on this day that celebrates love. And thank you once again for the lovely letters that filed Candace's inbox. I was most moved and warmed by your comments.

So he's a plumber on the side, OK.


I too thank you much for the letters. I had quite a "warm fuzzy" day after reading them when I got home from church. In fact, Sananda checked in with me while I was on my couch for a break, and noted the peace in my mind, said that I should make of point of finding this place where I was more often, this place of peace. I feel this sense of peace so little, as do so many others. I feel most blessed still today as I write these words. So a warm Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers.

All my readers. All readers would suffice, don't you think?



That was a fun journey. Life is full of surprises.

Hope to see you soon!

With a bow of reverence I bid you adieu.