St Germain:  Time my dear ones to find the deepest compassion you have

29th December, 2004

Today I lost a friend and gained an enemy. Today I became a sole occupant of
a Divinely guided engine of doubt and frustration. Today I went out on a
limb and swallowed the only drop of medicine I had left in this world, and I
withdrew from life in a glorious crescendo of sorrow.

My dear ones, this is the tribute to his life that a certain leader uttered
this day, and when he did, his whole way of ruling the people of his nation
turned around and gave way to the light. With this proclamation the glory
that was in his eyes, his regime of top man on earth came to a deafening
stop. Deafening at least to his ears because he stood alone and in shame in
the eyes of his people.

My dear ones, I AM St Germain. The above is what could take place in the
very near future. Is this something that all of you are going to raise your
hands and voices to, or are you going to shed a compassionate tear for this
soul who has so gloriously fought for the darkness that has prevailed over
earth for so long? 

I AM going to let you in on something, and that is that this soul has long
been playing this role on earth, and through the numerous lifetimes in this
role he has perfected the act to the point where he no longer recognizes the
light of his soul. He is coming to a place in his darkness where he sees no
other recourse but that of complete annihilation for his being. 

This is not being shown at this time, but is being experienced and played
out in his chambers, and in the privacy of a room deep in the great house
where he resides. In this room deep in the recesses of this house is a small
straight back chair where this ruler goes occasionally and berates his
plight. He has worn a groove between the upstairs hall and the deep
recesses, in order that he would not lose his way.

My dear ones, I offer up this report for the purpose of revealing to you the
other side of this ruler, the one that is tormented by the very situation he
has created within his soul. He has forgotten that there is still a spark of
light within; he has forsaken all claims to life on this planet, and feels
that he must go and be incorporated back into the recesses of the hell from
which he came. 

I bring this forward now, for all of you to feel your compassion for this
soul, and for you all to see him as that bright speck of light that he is.
He has played a role in this grand plan that is mighty and worrisome. It has
not been an easy task, for his beginnings were one of the brightest of the
bright, as were all of you. 

He was once the boy next door who rescued your kitten from the tree, holding
it next to his heart and loving it till it stopped trembling. He was once
the young girl who waited for her suitor to come and woo her into his arms
once again. He was once the young maiden who valiantly held herself in trust
for the mighty warrior who would soon return from the fields of battle. He
was once the compassionate teacher who held the place for the student who
was being harassed by the town bully. All these things and more he brought
to his field and enriched the playground from which he could draw upon the
energies of duality and play the ultimate scoundrel in this time on earth.

Now he is playing another role, and that is of the village idiot who brought
his reign of tyranny down upon the people who put their trust in him. He is
playing the part as a puppet does with the strings strong and menacing. Soon
those strings will be cut and he will have to stand on his own, or fall away
and lose his will for forbearance in this play. 

How will you receive him then? Will you see the light in him, or will you
say fare-thee-well and goodbye, to one who deserves what he gets? I ask that
you find your compassion and allow that to guide you. Find the way of
receivership of what it is that benefits all concerned, for the world will
need much healing in the time to come. You are all beautiful beings of
light. I suggest that you reach deep within and recognize this sole spark of
light, and welcome him Home to the bosom of The Creator, for he is your
brother, and he has been all and everything to you. So great is his love for
you he has given away his promise of salvation, in his eyes, and cannot see
that he always has that salvation. 

One kind and loving thought from you, directed his way during this coming
time will enable him to change his farewell song to one of hope and
salvation for himself and for everyone whom he loves so dearly. This is the
truth of the matter, despite the appearance he has created for himself.
Remember who you are, and in that remembrance you will know him too.

You are blessed and loved, and so it is.

Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

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