(This is a slightly edited original e-mail from one of the participants.)

How-dee-do, time to share this one with you:

I am eagerly looking forward to the A&A report! We and our friend, a Big Red Marvel, were at a gathering of alternative travellers last weekend. Multi-coloured tipi's, campers and tents in the middle of green borderland. Operation, "Thunderstrike" jumps to mind right now, although I would prefer "Nutcracker", was part of that weekend. What privilege! That was a brilliant one I tell you! It gave, still does, me the same feeling as when I was watching the twin towers going down. Same class of event. I'm hoping A gives some "benificial effects assessment" (damage report, LOL). One of those ~undisclosed awesome miraculous events~ concerning ~ork stew~, Sekhmets revenge part III or whatever.

There was this gathering of NAR (Network Alternative Travellers) last weekend. Some hundred wonderfull souls met on a muddy farmyard compound which is meant to be an eco-farm some time in the future.
Red Marvel met us across one field with arms stretched wide and a huge smile. We put up our tent next to her caravan on the border of the main area. Some 3/4 of a dozen tipi's were set up. Some are multi-coloured art. An exposition tent, a catering tent with crocodile soup and chai. Lots of Belgian people with their elegant accent. A colourfull bunch. Diversity in perfect harmony.
Saturday about noon, we were just finished attending a lecture in the half open theater tipi in the pouring rain. It cleared up a bit. Thunderclouds were on the horizon. We were talking with a lady, another group was filling the rest of the tent in an after-discussion. Most of the group left, the lady left. Red Marvel joined us.
My wife had her funny looking, ~worth a couple of dimes in material~, zero-point energy coil with her, designed for reception and transmission.
Red Marvel took the coil in both hands to feel the working. Powerfull!
She was sucked into the coil. Soul energy field and the heart of Sai Baba. Handle that.
I was enjoying the moment and my glance wondered to the sky just above the farmhouse, about 50 mtrs away. I was probably attracted to the noise of the powerfull tripple diamond formation of F16 Falcons, twelve in number. 300 ft, may-be less. Air show? Training? Nah, air show on some German airbase probably.
The formation had cleared the farmhouse and was right over our tipi when I saw a big triple engined kaki bird sticking it's nose over the roof. When Big Bird flew directly over our cuckoo's nest, followed on his tail by falcon number 13, our small mutual friend ~the ideal average simple guy~ came running into the tipi "know what guys, that was Bush". Yeah right!
I went outside in sceptisism and found the source of the little man's outburst. ~Eagle eyes~ simply stated he just read what was on the brown bird's side. "Air Force One" it read. He waved extensively he added with a big smile.
My attention was pulled to my right and there we saw Big Bird (real thing or decoy), top view, making a max turn, wingtip below the trees. One of the thunderclouds discharged right behind it. Only two Falcons remained (or were) with him.
Later that night at the campfire some guy said Big Bird was spotted at Eindhoven airport some days before.

Imagine the set-up:
My wife made a zero-point energy coil out of a CV vent piping end piece and some 7 strand rainbow coloured wire. Add one tachyon crystal as centre piece of the little roof of the 20 cm high, 7 cm diameter PVC pipe, and two EM-X ceramic beads dangling inside the small pipe. Intention added: universal Love. Designed not to create a field, but to keep it's working more confined to the coil itself. Shop value: about 5 euro's.
The boost: a very powerfull woman who has a heart connection to Sai Baba.
Two women and a man in a tipi, unnoticably guided into the right time and position.
A(t least one) nervous paranoid character with half a mile of security around him on the prowl picking up pieces across the pond.
How to get close to this dude? Hey, the guy's scared shitless and ordered to fly with a heavy escort below radar. Mmmm...
I would love to get my hands on a copy of that on-board video to see who was on board and the face on rover when we shoved that depository right up his arse while he was looking at ~some darned fuckin' tipi's or somethin'~ leaning against his little oval window.
If the Bird was hot, the dude's busted; had his love shot, touched by the paw.

Round 'm up, head 'm out ..., yihah! LOL.