The bisexuality of Bush is well known, however I have a feeling
Tony Blair has the same weak way of being as Bush's lover Victor Ashe, as
well as acting like a crazed lover around Bush - some tie-in exits, and
quite possibly, Putin also has some similarity to Ashe.

Probably the most interesting connection in the post below, is that
Bush would have sex with Ashe in a location owned by one of them main
financial supporters for Osama bin Laden and that at school, Bush
crawled into a coffin to cavort with none other than John F. Kerry.
So what do you get when a Donkey sleeps with an Elephant - world domination?

Another sign of our Golden Age...the myriad of exposures. Oh my where
will they hide?

Connecting Dots,
Moderator, BridgeofOneness


Kelly's new book "The Family: The Real Story Of The Bush
Dynastly" taken from <="">

Bush Bisexuality Asserted In Scorching New Book
UPDATE New Book Further Confirms
Our Independent Investigations!
By Sherman H. Skolnick <="">

Just published "THE FAMILY - The Real Story of the Bush
Dynstasty", by veteran highly controversial author, Kitty
Kelley. According to book industry sources, the publisher
intends to issue and market one million copies of this book
that is the lowdown of the Bushies.

The book details a number of stories long-since posted and
archived, and publicly discussed by us on <=""> and <=""> including
stories co-authored by Sherman H. Skolnick and Lenny Bloom,
as Middle-Finger News.

Also posted and archived through <="">
Also widely discussed on radio talk shows by Skolnick and also
jointly with co-host Lenny Bloom on internet radio worldwide <=""> as well as by Skolnick on numerous other
radio talk shows U.S., Canada, Australia, nnd Europe, over the
last five years and more.

Mentioned in Kitty Kelley's book following the already
publicized independent investigations of Skolnick and his
That George W. Bush cohabited at his Texas ranch and elsewhere
with the Mayor of a major city in Tennessee, says Kitty Kelley.

Skolnick began the discussion several years ago as a story
about "The Pedophile/Homosexual Underground". <=""> "Overthrow of the American Republic",
Part 24.

It relates to George W. Bush's homosexual relationsip, since
about puberty, with Victor Ashe, long-time Mayor of Knoxvillle.
When some in Congress began inquiries in the fall of 2003,
Ashe in December, 2003, gave up being Knoxville Mayor and was

appointed by George W. Bush, the occupant and resident of the
White House, as the U.S. Ambassador to Poland. That is, getting
Ashe out of the U.S. jurisdiction, not available to nosey

Bush and Ashe are both members of the satanic cult, "Skull &
Bones", headquartered in a windowless building, called
"The Tomb" on the campus of Yale University. Part of the
initiation procedure is for the new proposed member to divulge
his entire sexual history, to several other Bonesmen, so that
when he is shoved up into high office, government, finance,
etc., he can be blackmailed into silence. The new member has
to cavort, au naturel, sometimes more than once, with another
Bonesman in a double-size coffin filled with mud.
An older Bonesman member has to also participate in such
proceedings. This was done by John F. Kerry slightly older
than George W. Bush.

As mentioned in our stories and talk shows, the secret pictures
of this, reportedly ended up in the possession of the picture
editor of a group of magazines run by American Media, Inc., AMI,
headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida. That editor was Bob
Stevens. Being of near-sighted vision, he took off his glasses
and he opened up an envelope addressed to him, holding it close
up to his face, breathing thus in spores of anthrax, from which
he soon thereafter died.

In his public statements, Skolnick carefully discussed that he
usually does not discuss sordid relations EXCEPT if they involved
National Security. In the Ashe/Bush matter, the Red Chinese Secret
Police have used their knowledge of the matter to blackmail out of the
Bush White House, U.S. MILITARY, financial, and industrial secrets, clearly
warranting us publicizing the Ashe/Bush matter. Further, Skolnick
contended that Ashe and Bush met for sex at a Tennessee location owned
by the purported top financier of Osama bin Laden. That U.S. resident
moneybags has been granted unlawful protection and immunity from exposure
by the Bush White House.

The more than 500 that worked at AMI were evacuated, the
building was closed up by America's secret political police,
about October 2001, shortly after the 9-11 incidents. The FBI
did not permit any of the picture or text files to be removed. Stevens'
widow, in a little-known lawsuit against the FBI, claimed the Bureau
obstructed her from finding out what happened to her husband. Rudolph
Guiliani, once U.S. District Attorney in New York, later Mayor of New York
City, founded and owns BioOne, specializing in cleaning up places made
toxic by anthrax. He bought the closed AMI building for a "song" and
now has possession of the pictures that could scandalize his
pal George W. Bush, and Bush's male sex-mate, U.S. Senator
John F. Kerry, "laying down and playing dead" while supposedly running
for president against 3rd cousin and fellow Bonesman George W. Bush.
In her book, Kitty Kelley claims that, from her sources, Bush,
facing embarrassment by the possible revelations of the pictures, arranged
for secret U.S. agents to murder Bob Stevens. Skolnick in his posted and
archived statements and on various radio talk shows, discussed how
George H.W. Bush, that is Daddy Bush, has been in business with the
co-founder of the Medelin, Colombia dope cartel, Carlos Lehder. And
that he link was covered up when the Bushies arranged to secretly
remove from a U.S. Jail, Lehder, who has disappeared.

Numerous details are in the series, "The Chandra Levy Affair", <=""> Kitty Kelley raises the issue of
Bush, Sr., being in dope trafficking through South America and elsewhere.
Because of George W. Bush's homosexual relationships,
and because his wife of convenience, Laura, was a reputed known
and open lesbian since high school, and may be a dyke; that
George W. Bush may not be the actual father of the twin
daughters. Skolnick has raised these issues. Now, in her book,
Kitty Kelley raises the issue of the little-known relationship between
Laura and General Tommy Franks.

More coming. Stay tuned...

Mr. Skolnick's Reports are posted and archived at <="">
Together with his co-authored The Middle-Finger News, they are posted
and archived <="">
also posted and archived through <="">
Skolnick is co-host with Lenny Bloom on a growing, popular
maximum power Internet radio program, FM-quality worldwide,
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Recently published, the book, "Ahead of the Parade" by Sherman
H. Skolnick, A Who's Who of Treason & High Crimes---Exclusive
Details of Fraud & Corruption of the Monopoly Press, the Banks,
the Bench and the Bar, & the Secret Political Police.
Can be ordered U.S./Canada 1-800-861-7899.

Can also supposedly be ordered through HOWEVER
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Earlier this year, President Bush told the nation "I did my
duty" in the National Guard in 1972 when he was supposed to
report for service.[1] But according to a major new report,
that is not true.

As a new examination of documents by the Boston Globe shows,
"Bush fell well short of meeting his military obligation."
Twice during his Guard service - first when he joined in May
1968, and again before he transferred out of his unit in
mid-1973 to attend Harvard Business School - Bush signed
documents pledging to meet training commitments or face a
punitive call-up to active duty. But "he didn't meet the
commitments, or face the punishment, the records show."[2]

Bush also has claimed "I did show up in Alabama"[3] in 1972
when he was supposed to report there for duty. But as the Globe notes,

"Bush's service records do not show him logging any
service in Alabama until October of that year." Furthermore,
"even that service is in doubt" as "no one has come forward
with any credible recollection of having witnessed Bush
performing guard service in Alabama or after he returned to
Houston in 1973."

A new group called Texans for Truth will begin airing 0:30
second television ads featuring a National Guardsman who in
1972 served in the very same Alabama unit Bush was supposed
to have joined. That Guardsman testifies that he never saw
Bush show up for service - a story corroborated by others.
See the ad here:[4 <="[4"> ]


1. Transcript for Feb. 8th airing on "Meet the Press", MSNBC, 2/13/04, <=""> .
2. "Bush fell short on duty at Guard," Boston Globe, 9/08/04, <=""> ?
3. Transcript for Feb. 8th airing on "Meet the Press", MSNBC, 2/13/04, <=""> .
4., 9/04,
Visit <=""> for more about Bush administration distortion.

"The farther you enter into the truth the more you see that all life flows from the intelligence of one heart"