31st December, 2005


At this present time, more than any other previous period you are accompanied by an entourage of different Beings. This is particularly so if you are involved in work for the Light, where a degree of protection is necessary. Everyone has a Guide who will stay with them for the duration of their lifetime, one who knows of your life plan. Your Guide will endeavor to keep you on a path that will ensure you fulfill it. However, your freewill is the overriding factor, and no form of coercion will be used.


What will inevitably happen is that opportunities will be presented to you a number of times, and every inspiration used to get a response. Remember that there are ongoing connections with many events in your life, and one missed could throw out the rest of your life plan. This would be particularly disappointing to you if you later discovered that Karma was involved. It would mean that it would have to come back into another life that offered similar opportunities. At this present time because very few of you have planned to come back before Ascension, there is no chance of putting off what can be done today.

Your Guides will work hard for you, and inevitably succeed in the service for which they have been appointed. If needs be, additional Guides will come to you perhaps because of a particular expertise that will help you. You also have your own Higher Self to turn to, but sometimes the voice you hear is that of your Guide trying to get your attention. It is important that you carefully listen to that inner advice before you make your decisions. It is a measure of your progress when you have an awareness of those Beings that travel with you. Do not be hasty in making decisions, and find the time to sit quietly and calmly so that you are clear headed and fully aware.


Lightworkers that show a great Light attract all kinds of entities, and these are mainly within the vibration of Earth. Often those who have no belief in the after life are stranded upon Earth, and they cling on to people. They will frequent places that are familiar to them, and some of the lower entities will take over the body of those who through drugs or alcohol; have partially or fully left their physical bodies. This is the reason that whilst in this state, that people have no memory of many an occurrence that they have been involved in. It is most unpleasant, but therein is another lesson to be learnt.

Lightworkers do their work aware of the need for protection, and there are a number of methods used. The simplest means to keep away unwanted attention is to surround yourselves with a ray of a high vibration, and one such as the Golden Ray would be most suitable. You could also call on your personal Guide or a Master for help, one with whom who you feel connected and at ease.  The lower entities cannot stand in the Light, it is too powerful for them and this is from where your protection comes. You only have to think of the different levels of vibration to understand that the higher you get, the more you are able to draw away from the lower ones and their influence.


As you progress you will have more direct contact with your Guides, who will openly come to you at your calling. However, you will have less need for their constant attention, such as the period you are now entering. You are growing in your consciousness and ability to absorb the Light, and you will be able to follow it more easily without the distraction of the dark. Many of you have outgrown the lessons of duality and you are now fully able to operate within the Light. However, there will always be greater Souls in dimensions immediately ahead of you, and you will have their knowledge and wisdom to guide you.


It is in the higher dimensions that you will come closer to others of a similar vibration. There will be a conscious decision to become part of a group consciousness, as a continuance of your experience and ongoing evolution. Even on Earth you have already experienced how you are attracted or repelled by other people depending on their vibration. All are at some stage in the Love vibration, but once you have ascended it is more a matter of raising and refining your vibration. Your Light increases so that you occupy a greater space than before, until you finally become a magnificent Being of immense power and creation.


For the moment your eyes should be on the path to Ascension, and you should concentrate on your development as you cleanse your body of energies that no longer serve you. In this particular time period, much is happening to you, but the net result is that you are refining your body and it is changing to a crystalline structure. This is the beginning of your return to a body that is suited to the higher dimensions, one free of distortion or imperfections. No more shall you suffer the ravages and illnesses connected with life in the lower vibrations. You will ascend with quite a different body to the one you have now. Because of its perfection you will be in your prime once again, and aging will no longer be a factor that will affect you.


Dear Ones I am Atmos of The Galactic Federation and I speak to you from experience, and with an understanding of Universal Law. As Co-Creators with God you will still be bound by those Laws, but because of your enlightenment and understanding you are unlikely to consciously break them. This Universe is one where freewill operates and you will still have responsibility for your creations. There is however no other planet exactly like Earth and it is truly a school for life. One where you have encountered every conceivable situation that has challenged you to find your path back to the Light.

Never before has a New Year promised so much. It will be a time of great change, and we shall be taking an active part in ensuring that at last you enjoy the fruits of your endeavors. It is no longer the prerogative of the dark to set out the plans for the coming year. These have already been decided by higher forces, and a Heavenly decree will ensure your transition into the Light. You are to reclaim that which is your entitlement and has been taken away from you for hundreds if not thousands of years. First Contact and everything that it implies will start in the coming year, and you may start to celebrate our forthcoming contact with you. We will approach you with great love and understanding and release you from the grasp of the dark energies.


Thank you Atmos.


Mike Quinsey.