Ashtar's message

November 3rd, 2004: Post election observations

Dear Beloved's,

It feels like nothing has changed or has become worse with these elections. As a wise woman in the Netherlands said: now the world has an opportunity to say NO to Bush and its plans. And NO you will say in time to come.

Yet beneath all that is going on, take a pause, feel what is there.
You need to go underneath the wavelength of the HAARP mind-control broadcasting. You can use it as a meditation tool.
First you go to the wave of the HAARP and when you are there, you decide to go one or two layers deeper within. This connection of one or two layers deeper within is not influenced by HAARP and it shall never be. It is the first portal to the unique quality of you, being the God you are. HAARP can't influence God. It might try to control your access, preventing it, but when all are used to this wave it is much easier to go deeper. For most people are stuck going within. Now the access is easily available to them.

As the world chooses to polarize between the light and the not so light actions of people, you will see it also at your inside. With this polarizing you see what needs to be healed, where your weak spots are, where you can be influenced by other thoughts, other energies, other behavior patterns and by mind control.
Don't think mind control isn't an issue in the world. Just think about advertising and the propaganda in the Third Reich by Adolf Hitler. Nothing has changed yet if you let the polarizing of the world determine your view of the world. So what will be your next war? Does this question astonish you? You have chosen again a war president (did you choose him, or didn't you?). And this president is making sure that war is coming to your doorsteps and get you for military service. When you live in a foreign country it will overrun you as the waves of the sea. Terrorist attacks will be available on large scale. Or do you say NO, or do you create another world by holding your light inside yourself and to the world?
What about the aggression inside you? What about your anger? What about your discriminating thoughts? What about them? They are increasing, not only because of the outside world (as within so outside, as another wise man said) for you are ONE. They are increasing just because the celestial planets and the celestial timing has said that it is time to clean. Time to clean, cleanse, and pick up other stuff you didn't face before. So if you are cursing on other road users, feeling unsafe being outside the house during the night, it is part of you and a part of the society. You bear responsibility for the part inside you.
That you may transform yourself and transform the world.

Just keep your lights up. Let the indoctrination and the mind-control of buying restless consuming attitudes pass you by. Let the aggressive old male domination energy pass you by. These things affect male and female alike for you are both at the same time. So no need to ban the marriage between two men or two women, as all have their part in one body. A female marries in her husband the woman part of her man. And the man needs to get along with the male part in his wife (oh guys, is this terrifying you? See the problems two men have with the women inside them, they marry a women in one another, just like two women marry a man in the other. Dear feminism, what have you done? Making man more macho and women more man).

So what next? What do you think yourself? It is all up to you now. Just think, or much better, feel if you get into contact under the HAARP waves. Next to that? Keep your center in your minds eye, in your daily life, in your activities and learn it to your children. Learn them to be centered by being in your center, always. Tough job, isn't it? It is all about being it yourself.

As I have said before, life is evolving on its own account. And some things in the world are just for the pleasure of shaking people awake to what life is really about. It is really time to learn about compassion, love and service to the oneness of all.
And the best way of learning that you aren't an exclusive individual without the other, is shaking you to your core being. Because that's where you need to be.

So face your own aggression, your own anger, your own tendency to use violence in daily life. See the harsh words you use, see the cursing you use. See it all. After all, you are humans and you wouldn't be humans anymore when you didn't have things to learn, to solve, etc. And of course this is including myself. What I tell you, I tell myself. And pity me, I tell it a hundred times to different humans upon earth and beyond. This is the way of the teacher. Be a teacher for yourself.

Good luck,