Ashtar's message

October 5th, 2004

The bottom line

Hello all, this is Ashtar with an overview of the developments on a world-wide scale.

During the month of October we see a lot of planning occurring for the next offensive in the mass influencing. This is necessary to get the people in the States to believe that they are choosing the right President. The idea of choice is were it stands for. The people have to believe that they are free to choose what they want. If you are choosing between two candidates, and a political party and their investors made the pre-selection, you aren?t free. See what happens to the real free candidate with also a few investors behind him. Money talks, so see who finances the elections, and you know the outcome. We are just talking about puppets, not about real power.

What is the real power you like to have for yourself? Not the power to dominate others. This is a huge responsibility and no living, feeling being, will ever have this power. The real power lies within. The power to believe in yourself and say: I am worth this, and this shall be my reality and my circumstances, and this is as it is right now on this moment in time. This is the proclamation of freedom, the proclamation of independence, the proclamation of creation with willpower, the creation with intention. The real freedom is not in money, not in having, or earning, it is not in getting respect or gaining the things you want. The real freedom lies within. This is the truth for all. How far does any being need to be overwhelmed with chains to learn the truth? Freedom is within.

Day by day it is getting harder to be free, with the mind influencing programs and devices in the air, on TV, in food and so on. Spirit, the God in you is always stronger, for love can conquer all. And it is not the love of one human being for another I am talking about. It is the love from one being for itself. God loves dearly him or herself. And that is what you are.

Skip the TV, the learning, the mind control, free yourself of eating programmed food. Program it for yourself. Intention to program it for yourself with the best love you can find, the best nutricions for your body, the best energy to sustain yourself, do this with every meal. Being a bit careful with what you like to program is good, it is easier to program good food without chemicals, then dead food full of chemicals, hormones etc. Everything you need is within.

As you see in the example I have given you with love conquers all, even the best mind programming movie has hidden messages of freedom in it. Watch out for these messages. So Walt Disney isn?t bad, it is just an opportunity for seeing the control and seeing the messages behind the control. Love can?t be held back, it is everywhere. In the darkest hour the light is there, within the dark, within you. So in the prison, you can be free. In chains you can be free. In this is the very risk all who are trying to control the world are taking. A love so strong as the love from God for God can?t be withheld.

This is the responsibility right now for any one of you.

Let?s see what is happening to the world. Mother Earth is a very strong spiritual being. She has chosen her path in growth. And no one can stop her. Her free will is to grow. All the spiritual assistance she is getting with the planets five point star, the lunar eclipse, the sun eclipse, is in favor of her. You are all living in her environment, her influence sphere. She is going strong, and you or other little beings are not holding her back. Sorry to address you as little, comparing in size and seeing who is living upon who, it is at this moment the right view.
Luckily a lot of you are helping with the process, are helping with the building of the grids, are helping with balancing the negative energies she is releasing and these errands and chores are very well appreciated. Keep the good work going.

On the internal level, lots of people are feeling the influences of the planets around Mother Earth and the energies coming from the Source to assist Mother Earth. When Mother Earth is releasing the negative energies, they go back to the source, humans. Humans are also releasing negative energies to balance them out. Considering these two waves are meeting together, with some trying to control things, they are going out of control, then you have a splendid view of two thunderstorms meeting and fighting each other. What happens at the end with thunderstorms? They all quiet down and the light of the sun (of the love) pours through the clouds and gives a beautiful rainbow. This is the promise of the new daybreak, the new dawn. Watch for rainbows, or paint with rainbow colors. Whatever, what makes your heart stir on the promise of the new dawn, what makes you keep going on with your task of cleaning, cleansing, and through throwing garbage out of your system. When the hour is the darkest, the more easily you will see the light.

It will be better for all, when you just decide to stop darkening the hour to see the light. Ask for more light, brighter light, the light you have never seen before to guide you through the morning. Then you will see the difference between the daybreak, the light that is already with you and the light you wish to follow to more beautiful daybreaks again and again. The distinguishing doesn?t have to be between dark and light. You may choose for light and brighter light. Then you see all are one of the same kind, light.

Going back to the earth plane and your daily life. Of course you like to see the changes in your daily life circumstances. Life is just the way you perceive it. Bad sentence isn?t it? Cleaning and clearing will help you through your life, and will change it. Living in the now and taste the sweet of it, will help also. As I have stated before and others: don?t waste your time with waiting. Act on acceptance of what is. There?s nothing wrong with saying, okay I have created that one way or the other, now let?s see if I can create it different. And you will amaze yourself when you start to create awake, alive and aware of what you are doing. To walk around sleeping is just a bad habit of all of you (some more or less). And training to be awake, alive and aware is the only solution to get rid of this bad habit. I know that the whole culture is learning all that sleeping is the right state of being. That would be the more reason to be aware, awake and alive, in my humble opinion.

Next to it: what do you like to create? Do you have a vision, a goal? For yourself, your family, your country and your wold? It is all set with intention, and an intention is just as good as the vision you like to achieve. Is the intention money, freedom of the need of surviving in daily life? No wonder that NESARA isn?t achieving anything. This is just a personal goal and a selfish one also. Just think better. Think wider, thing bigger, think, feel, create as the God you are. Come on, you can do it, you are God, so what is keeping you down on this one? Your belief system in yourself? Needs a bit of programming, don?t you think? So a bit of work needs to be done. Again and again this is the reality most of the people are living in. This is the time you are living in. Do you like to live in the wave, under the wave or on top of the wave? (what did I say about surfing the waves in part one? I am going to give another metaphor). On top of the wave, I would choose for timing, and as under-stream the deep ocean of stillness of being, for my connection with the Divine inside me. So I have the best of two worlds, the stillness of being and the world of action. Who said that you couldn?t have it both? (that?s what the world teaches you). In the beginning this is right. Most of you will lose the stillness of being when you are acting on the top of the waves. It will feel splendid to act that way, going with the flow. Where is the flow taking you? Being aware, awake is needed to see where you are heading and if it is time to choose for another wave. Otherwise the waves take you of the shore. Next to it, when you only chose for stillness of being, you won?t get anywhere. And expressing and experiencing your expression is all that it is all about.

Here we see the circle coming to the end. All is said and all is said before. It is as it is and as it should be. It is now time for connecting, cleaning and cleansing. That?s why I am busy with giving you tools to connect at the inside and connect at the outside. Others I give the tools to be aware and awake at the outside to see where the control movement wants to take you. So I have tackled all the possibilities of being in the stillness and seeing where the wave is taking you. This balance is inside you and outside you with the different roles people are taking upon them in daily life. The balance is inside the world as all are doing their job and their meetings with others to help them with the job.

Lots is taking place, and it depends on your point of view, your job in balancing the world of humankind what you see and perceive. That?s why internet comes in very handy. In exchange of information you can see what others are seeing while doing their job. And others with the more outside point of view, necessary for their job, get the perspective of the struggle of people with the inward job of cleaning, balancing the negative patterns for others and themselves. Then of course you have the teachers (the negative ones who just are the steppingstone you need to get to the next level), the examples of inspiring energies, the challengers, the side by side walkers and so on.

Let me assure you: all is in motion. And change is a very good way of being right now on Earth. And if it looks like that you are just facing the same old shit again and again, give yourself a big hug. Without the cleaners no being could set one foot before the other, just because they wouldn?t see the road, and they would have too much heavy stuff to carry along with them, so no being could ever move.

Give all, including yourself, a big hug from yourself. Bless yourself every day, don?t forget to bless the others.

All is in change. All is in motion. Enjoy the ride and the stillness of being at the same time.

With love,