Volume 1, Issue 1 October 2003 PREMIERE ISSUE


By Archangel Michael

Dear Beloved Lightworkers,

In this first issue of The Academy of Light Newsletter, our first project is focused on the charging and maintenance of the 9th Dimensional (9D) Consciousness Grid that surrounds our entire planet. This very special and powerful 9D Consciousness Grid was constructed by Kryon, of Magnetic Service and was facilitated by the people of planet Earth?s compassionate response to the events of 9/11/01. The new and necessary templates were created by many Lightworkers from the First Wave, again under the guidance of the 9D Nibiruan Council. For more about the First Wave, see the 9D Nibiruan Council Update for January 2003 (included in the links below). This extremely powerful 9D Grid and the necessary templates were completed and fully anchored into Terra Nova (Mother Earth) on December 27, 2002.

We are a group of three Archangels: Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Chiand?ra. The Academy of Light is here to serve you, the Lightworkers and it is for this reason that the Ascended Masters have asked that we introduce ourselves to you. Following this introduction are two articles that give you a few of our unique perspectives.

Beloveds, it is imperative that you, the Lightworkers, fully comprehend the history behind and the purpose of this extremely powerful grid. Before proceeding any further with this article, I highly recommend that you take the time to review three articles that were authored by Devin, head of the 9D Nibiruan Council, and Jelaila Starr, on the Nibiruan Council?s website. Additionally, I also highly recommend an article written by Patrick Bellringer, on the <> website. These four articles collectively form the basis upon which The Academy of Light?s first project is predicated. The following links will take you to these four articles in consecutive order.

9D Council Perspective on 2003 <> and 9D Nibiruan Council Update for January 2003 <>

and 9D Nibiruan Council Update for August 2003 <> and People of the Lie: How to Win <>


By Archangel Michael

Now that you?ve read a summary of the history, purpose and necessity of this 9D Grid, I?ll briefly review some steps that allow you to remain neutral and integrated (fully within your power), in Compassion and connected to the 9D Grid. I?ll explain how our first project came into being, what YOU can do to become involved in it and what the future holds for The Academy of Light.


The greatest advantage of remaining neutral and integrated through Compassion, is that by not reacting in fear to ANY situation or circumstance, you do not create the negative energies that the Dark needs to sustain itself. You can ensure this by keeping in mind that most (if not all) of the situations and circumstances that generate fear - are specifically and intentionally designed by the Illuminati to do so (generate fear). The amount of negative energy that is created when an awakened Lightworker generates fear, is much greater than the energies created by the average unawakened human being. For this reason alone, the Dark Force goes to great lengths to locate and identify as many Lightworkers as possible. Obviously, the key to overcoming the Dark Force is not by ?fighting? it, but by integrating it and simply not reacting in fear to the situations and circumstances, specially designed and created by the manipulation of information, to generate the maximum amount of negative energies.


Through Compassion, you automatically create a future and outcome of the highest possible benefit to All That Is, as well as creating vast quantities of positive energy that Higher Light Beings are then able to fully match. The successful integration of the Light and darkness within, quite literally triggers the creation of the Hormone of Compassion, because it is Compassion that allows you to understand that everything has value. If you move forward in your life attempting to ?rescue? your friends and loved ones from having certain negative experiences, you actually deny him or her the opportunity for soul growth that the negative experience offers. This resulting ?theft of experience? - ends up creating the very dark energy that you were trying to avoid manifesting in the first place. As Mr. Bellringer pointed out in his article (People of the Lie: How to Win <> ) the dark angels just love this!

As long as you are based in Compassion, you see beyond the illusion. Operating from a place of Compassion enables you to remain integrated and neutral. If you choose to operate from a place of negativity and fear - you will attract and feed the dark beings that are responsible for creating the situation in the first place. Believe me, when the dark beings/energies realize that you are no longer a source of sustenance for them - they will give up and look elsewhere very quickly.

Compassion is the most powerful energy in the universe. When you are firmly based in Unconditional Love and Compassion, you automatically connect with the highest consciousness grid in existence - the 9D Grid. The 9D Grid is energized by you, the Lightworkers, from your conscious intent of both mind and spirit - and you have far exceeded even Heaven?s wildest expectations. For some time, my experience with the 9D Grid was, like yours, on an individual level. That all changed one Wednesday night, on September 2, 2003.


I was watching television when I felt the presence of a group of Higher Light Beings and I identified the color of their energy. For the past two years I?ve been able to ?see? into the higher dimensions (with my pineal gland), and I know that various colors are indicative of the particular frequency or dimension. That night I perceived a reddish-magenta color and within a few seconds I became aware that I was in the company of The Council of the Nine. Whenever I am visited by Higher Light Beings, I am so overcome with Love and Compassion as their energy flows through me, that I cannot help but cry tears of joy. This visit was no exception, except that it was much more intense, since there were nine of them present at once. Five were P?schatt, the Felines or Lion People and the remaining four were of Kryon, the Carians or Bird Tribes.

For those of you who are not familiar with how the Council of the Nine originated; The Founders of our Universe invited 45 of each species to set up the ?Universal Game? of Polarity Integration. Kryon, of Magnetic Service are the creators of the dimensions, stargates and planetary grids, while the P?schatt are the genetic engineers, the creators of the four primary races of our Universe: Carian, Reptilian, Feline and Human.

As I was completely engulfed by these beings/energies, they assisted me in accessing a current portion of my life blueprint, and I came to KNOW that I am fully capable of standing completely in my power. I stood up and decided to create the world I most wanted to live in. I began by creating a stunningly beautiful earth in which I FELT my connection to every blade of grass, every rock, every mountain, every ocean, every flower, every tree, every bird -- everything within this complex and magnificent web of life. I stood on a grassy knoll overlooking a vibrant blue ocean while tigers and jaguars, black panthers and African Lionesses, black bears and chipmunks and even a Dodo bird, pranced with each other and climbed 300 foot tall Sequoia and Pine trees, playing games. In that moment I KNEW that I had created this indescribably joyful reality. The group shot me a few images of the 9D Grid that whispered softly but persistently to me. The Grid reminded me in a way, of a Christmas tree that had half the lights missing or burned out. Then I understood the message.


By charging the 9D Grid with 100th Dimensional Golden-White Love Energy, it would have a MUCH greater effect on everything below it. Keeping the 9D Grid fully-charged would greatly increase the effect the grid had on our planet, acting like a very powerful and massive energy gathering magnet ? a magnet that could and would significantly assist the manifestation of NESARA in the 3D realm while simultaneously moving us closer to Ascension. Our first project, the maintenance (cleaning, charging and balancing) of our new 9D Grid ? coalesced in an instant within my mind and in my heart. That was just over one month ago and now, we have NESARA at our doorstep. As was discussed in the perspectives of the 9D Nibiruan Council, the very existence of a 9D Grid overlaying and surrounding a 3D planet is a feat never before accomplished. The awesome power and potential that this 9D Grid offers to the Lightworkers and all other inhabitants of Terra Nova (Mother Earth?s new name), is nothing short of the limitless manifestation of your every desire. And, to all of humanity, as a ?Collective Consciousness? it offers even greater possibilities. What could possibly be greater than limitlessness? At the level of the 9th Dimension, Polarity Integration has occurred and while there is still some polarity it is virtually nothing compared with the extremes of good and evil, dark and Light; the compassion allows everything to exist in a state of becoming. Becoming what?, you might ask. You need not wait until you actually reach the 9th Dimension to manifest whatever your heart desires.

But what about the other consciousness grids like the 3D Grid, the 4D Grid and the 5D Grid? I?ll pass that question on to the feminine aspect of our Academy of Light team, Archangel Chiand?ra. Before I turn your attention to our beloved sister, I?d just like to make clear just exactly what we, The Academy of Light, have in mind for the Lightworkers. There is a very high probability that NESARA will be announced in the coming month. While we all await the great announcement, we have been asked by The Council of the Nine, Devin (Head of the 9D Nibiruan Council) and Lord Sananda, to ?pass the torch? to other Lightworkers. I know that there are a great many Lightworkers who have been long awaiting a mission to carry out. Well, my fellow Lightworkers, we are handing off the 9D Grid Maintenance to you. Those of you who are ready to assume responsibility for this first project know who you are. It only requires three Lightworkers to begin, however at least one of the three must be a female (sorry guys, but the energy balancing requires a feminine aspect).


This task/project is but the first of a series of projects that, under the guidance and supervision of the Ascended Masters, will allow earth humans to become the true stewards and caretakers of Terra Nova. Through the Academy of Light, the Ascended Masters will be asking the incarnated Archangels to set up this series of projects, one by one. Once a project is begun and ?mastered?, we, the incarnate Archangels, will then arrange for the appropriate Lightworkers to be brought to the Academy of Light Campus where we will educate and familiarize them with all aspects of a given project. It is our desire and intent that our first campus be located on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Following NESARA?s announcement, and with the funding of the humanitarian prosperity programs, it is our goal to construct a special campus specifically designed for the purpose of training Lightworkers in the stewardship procedures of Terra Nova. We will also have access to much of the incredible technologies of the Galactic Federation of Light. Consequently, our first campus will include 21 private suites and a host of technologically advanced ?virtual reality? classrooms, that will allow for true experiential learning, under the guidance of an Ascended Teacher. Once the Lightworkers have mastered a particular project, they will return to their respective communities to teach these newly acquired skills to the people of Terra Nova. So while initially, the Lightworkers will be mastering the necessary procedures for caretaking Terra Nova, their ultimate goal will be to pass on what they have learned to the rest of our planet?s population.

We look forward to working with many of you Lightworkers. By the time The Academy of Light opens it?s doors to the Lightworkers of Terra Nova, I will be fully merged with my Higher Self and in an ascended state. But, because I am from the Archangelic Realm of Heaven, the correct term is Ascended Host, rather than Ascended Master. As an Ascended Host, I will still be fully human and existing in a physical body. The advantage that an Ascended Host has that an Ascended Master doesn?t - is that Ascended Hosts are not bound by the ?Non-Interference? Directive.

I leave you now in peace and honor and blessing. Know in your Heart of hearts that you are loved beyond measure.

I AM Archangel Michael


By Archangel Chiand?ra

Fellow Lightworkers,

I AM the physical aspect of the Archangel Chiand?ra, and I come to you through the grace of Mother Sekhmet and Lord Alcyone. I have long been blessed to have the opportunity to directly serve our true Mother and Goddess. With great joy I answer her call once again, to work with my brothers Lord Michael and Lord Raphael, as well as with all Lightworkers who have, or will answer her call now, to assist in Terra Nova?s final transition from the illusion of the darkness - into the reality of the light.

Now that we have honored the traditional formalities of introduction, let?s get to work! The only request that I make to any who choose to join us, is that you do your best to remember two of the most important higher truths that are always present when taking on such lofty and important endeavors....good humor is one of the fastest ways to a place of joy - and this is supposed to be fun! :)

Let?s face it, it?s been a little frustrating lately. How on Earth (literally), can we become and stay focused on truly helping to move NESARA and the Ascension forward in a meaningful way, when there are so many different messages pulling us in so many directions? We have all felt this frustration and confusion. Once I had worked through and released some of these negative feelings (which are, of course, perfectly normal and healthy to experience within the 3D realm), I realized that it came down to ?the basics?. By ?the basics? - I mean defining what task or objective has resonated within my spiritual being as not only true, but critical to the success of this project. This became my priority question to the God/Goddess each day. Every time I asked the question, the same answer was given to me.


The Mother Goddess then spoke to me at length, about the imbalance between the male and female energies that exist on our planet right now. As you will see below in my activity report, this seemingly different topic did, indeed, lead back to her original direction to me to work on and with the Grids of Light. As my brothers and I have discovered through our ongoing efforts, at the end of the day folks, it?s all about creating divine balance.



As Lord Michael explained/referenced in his article, the Grids of light are being energized and charged by the Lightworkers. Technically, we can all understand the need for the Grids and their functions. But working with something very few of us can actually see or envision, can prove to be a somewhat ambiguous experience. What does the Grid look like? What exactly are each of us doing when we ?charge the Grid?? What effect does it have? Who is maintaining the Grid? Is it all up to us or do we have help - and if so - who is helping us? These are the kinds of questions that my activity reports will, hopefully, shed some light on for everyone. That being said, this first report will serve to play ?catch-up? on reporting the Grid maintenance activities and experiences Lord Michael, Lord Raphael and myself have been having over the last several weeks. The following is a report from several weeks ago that I sent a Lightworker who was inquiring about what our Grid maintenance work entailed. It should answer some of your questions about the Grid and give you an idea of what each of you are doing, individually and as a group, in a very real way - to move NESARA and the Ascension forward.

As you will see, this report details our activities for one night. Following this report, I will summarize the last several weeks to bring everyone up-to-date. From now on, depending upon our experiences, I will either summarize our activities and/or include a detailed report (like below) if we had a particularly interesting experience/encounter. Either way, you will know what effect you are having right now, on the Grids of light and the ever-increasing effect it is having on the NESARA/Ascension project.


Good evening! The Council of the Nine were here and in quite a jovial mood. It took us a few minutes to actually get to work after we hooked up with them, because everyone was cracking jokes. I don't know if any of you have ever talked to a P?schatt - but they love to laugh even more than I do - which is saying something. :D

Tonight, we started with the 9D Grid surrounding Earth. The reason we only work on the 9D Grid is because once it is properly charged and balanced, the 9D Grid automatically harmonizes the lower Earth Grids (the 5D, 4D and 3D Grids). The unique thing about Michael, Raphael and I working together - is that it creates a balance that intensifies whatever work we are doing. As I'm sure most of you already know, one of the things that is so out of whack in our world, is the male/female energy factor. Real power is achieved through balancing the male and female energies. Both within (our Self) and amongst each other. Since the people that are having the experience of being the 'bad-guys' (the Illuminati), have worked so hard to suppress the female energy, things are pretty much a mess in that area. This is, of course, because each energy brings very different gifts to the table. When these two unique energies are combined to achieve a single objective, the results are remarkable (as opposed to what is achieved with only one of these energies - whether it be male or female).

A terrific example of this dynamic is evident in this nights activities. Before I started working in conjunction with my brothers, as directed by the Goddess, I had been going to the 9D Grid on my own (throughout the day) and 'balancing' the Grid. As people remember to tap into and charge up their personal 'nodes' on the Grid - the Grid fluctuates. Think of the Grid as this beautiful, golden net that surrounds the planet. That's really what it looks like...tiny, joined squares that intersect and surround Earth. At each 'corner' of every square is a diamond shaped node. Each node is charged by a person who is choosing to support NESARA's activation/manifestation (in the 3D realm).

So, as someone's day progresses; their moods change, their energy levels rise and fall and so forth - and the amount of energy they are sending their personal node - rises and falls with their thoughts, feelings and attention. Now, because the Grid is one large net, each node is critically important because it is joined and connected to all the nodes surrounding it. Therefore, when one temporarily 'goes out' - it interrupts the energy flow to all the other nodes surrounding it.

What I do is move along the Grid, and balance the energy flow. If one node is shining brightly, I allow some of it's power to flow into a node that is connected to it, that is temporarily low in energy or even off altogether. This action then re-lights or opens up the flow of energy in that area to the other nodes that are also lit up. It is much better to have the Grid maintained at a slightly lower intensity of even energy flow - then to have areas that are disconnected and turn on and off. When the Grid is left to it's own and not balanced - and the nodes go on and off like that - it makes the Grid 'surge'. It's simply not the most efficient use of the incredibly high frequency energy that the Lightworkers are sending it. This balancing is the female energy/gift I am speaking of.

Raphael and Michael bring the equally incredible, male energy to the process. They 'super-charge' the Grid. Each stands at an opposite end of the Grid and sends pure ?God-energy? into it. This compensates for any lack of energy that the Grid may be experiencing, while also raising the level/frequency of energy the Grid holds. Basically, they crank-it-up to 100% full capacity of the absolute highest energy there is - the golden energy that comes from 100th dimensional god realm of pure love.

Separately, each gift proffered by the male and female aspect is great indeed. But when you combine them - the results are rather remarkable - not to mention much more effective and efficient. :) Last night, Raphael and Michael stood at opposite ends of the Grid and super-charged it while I watched the levels. When they reached 100% and were just starting to get feedback (because the Grid couldn't take any more energy) - they stopped. I started by Michael, walking the Grid and evening out the energy flow. This continued until I reached the opposite end of the Grid by Raphael. Then I moved to the center of the Grid and taught Michael and Raphael how to 'set and seal' the energy. That is, they each withdrew from the Grid, but only after closing their opposite portal ends, thereby trapping the energy they had placed within the Grid. I then set and sealed the energy flow (tone or cadence that the energy moves through the Grid in) - and withdrew.

Working together like this was such a cool experience for all of us. The Grid glowed this brilliant white-gold light. It looks like a big diamond net surrounding the planet. Now, just to clarify, this activity doesn't prevent anyone new from joining the Grid or existing Lightworkers access to re-charge their nodes - but it does help keep the Grid more consistent in between maintenance sessions. Which, of course, makes it much more powerful and influential on our planet.

And that is exactly why the male and female energies are so wondrous when they work together to achieve the same goal. Each power is so different, but equal in it's effect and gift. Combined, there is nothing like it. It created such a strong resonance, that the Grid moved from making a humming sound - to making what could only be described as actual music. Each node or individual ?soul power? that is contributing to the Grid 'sings' - but when the Grid is balanced - it sings in perfect harmony. It was incredible to listen as each node harmonized with every other node, and a truly perfect tone and literal ?heavenly song? was created and echoed out into our world and galaxy. This ?heavenly song? has a great influence on our world and our galaxy. It is awe inspiring to be able to see and hear the effects that every single Lightworker is creating and having on our most beloved planet. The comfort that the Goddess Gaia (Mother Earth), experiences from the Lightworkers ongoing care and love, is also a most wondrous aspect to witness and feel. She always thanks us and expresses her deepest gratitude to her most beloved children (the Lightworkers - yes that would be you!) that are demonstrating their love for her in this remarkable manner.

Another huge plus, is that it sends the ?bad-guys? fleeing faster than anything else, because their power is based upon discourse and dissonance. When we brought the Grid into full power and harmony, and set and sealed it the first time (together) - you should've seen the Dark Angels zoom away in pain. No, that isn?t my ?highest Self? speaking...but it was funny folks. Heh. Just for the record, the Dark Angels can't get anywhere near the Grid - the energy frequency of the Grid is far too high for them to tolerate (without them burning up that is). But they do hover as closely as they are able, hoping that they can 'see what we're doing'. They can't though, so it's pretty hilarious to watch them pressing their faces up against the 'glass' wall the Grid frequency creates naturally (a barrier comprised of pure love energy) that they can't pass - in a vain attempt to peer in. It reminds us of children when they press their noses against a window to try to see inside a building or a car.


Once we were finished with the 9D Grid, we asked the Council of the Nine, if they had any other priorities they wished us to attend to. They did (oh surprise - LOL). They asked us to work on the new 5D Grid that surrounds Mars. As most people know, Mars is where the Illuminati and other dark agenda stooges that have been captured, are being held (in the underground caverns/cities) until their trials. The new Mars Grid was constructed by Kyron of Magnetic Service, and is currently being charged by some 20,000 beings that live on Mars, most of whom are terraformers or detainees, but nothing (comparatively) to the way Earth's Grids are being charged right now (volume wise). There are just not enough people on Mars to do so yet.

The new Mars Grid was pretty dark and, well, 'cold' if you know what I mean. What we were able to do was 'turn on the heat' so to speak. As Raphael and Michael slowly and gently energized the Grid, I walked around it and checked it for flaws and weak spots. I found a few (which is very normal in a new Grid that hasn?t been energized or charged fully yet). The lads then concentrated on strengthening those 'squares and channels' in the net, and resumed heating up the Grid. Since this Grid is basically untested due to lack of use, I had them stop when we reached a comfortable 80%. It looked pretty whazoo. Think of a burner on a stove that has heated up. You know - that red glow? That's what it looked like - and as you can imagine - this red glow bouncing serenely off the red planet, created quite a funky effect. Not to mention the fact that unlike Earth?s 9D Grid, the Mars Grid was constructed as a Spiral Grid. We set and sealed it and won't do anything more with it until tomorrow. We'll re-check it, repair any other weak spots we may find, and then finish charging it up to 100% and might add some golden energy. We'll have to see how it feels though before we do that - I'm not certain it's ready yet, because it may need some time to stabilize itself first. Now, until more people can spend their time and attention on the Mars Grid, it won't glow like Earth?s (obviously) - but the stronger it is - the more effective it is in protecting and influencing those on the planet in a positive way.

September 6th - September 30th, 2003: A Summary

Over the last several weeks, my brothers and I have been learning (actually ?remembering? from our higher selves), how to work together in a much more effortless manner. With each Grid maintenance session, we have been guided and taught how to best accomplish our goal to charge and balance the 9D Grid of Light by many beings of light. Some of these have included Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, Lord Sananda, Lady Master Nada, Lady Master Quan Yin, The Council of the Nine, Devin of the 9D Nibiraun Council and many others. Of course, all of this is only possible through the grace and assistance of the Goddess, Mother Sekhmet and the God, Lord Alcyone.

Lord Michael and Lord Raphael have honed their Grid charging skills to a fine art form. In addition to re-charging the Grid, we have collectively learned how to clean it. Each day, St. Germaine gives me a list of specific areas on the Grid (geographically), that have become ?dirty?. When I look at the Grid, the texture of this ?gunk? can best be likened to a very finely ground, black coal dust material. Depending upon what is causing the Grid to become dirty, this material can either be a light coating that covers the Grid - to a dark and heavy material (picture coal dust wet and congealing together). This difference is caused by the specific activities that are happening on the planet. For example, if an area is simply working through and releasing old karma, or people are just feeling tired of being sad and oppressed, this creates a light dusting that covers the Grid over that area (and is easily removed with a low intensity beam of the Violet Flame with Saint Germaine?s permission and assistance). If an area is experiencing a great deal of angst, due to the fact that it is a place where the Illuminati are gathered and/or trying to influence, the Grid above that area is covered with the heavier, black gunk (and requires a much higher intensity of the Violet Flame to remove it).

Once I have the list, which has varied from once to twice a day, I contact my brothers, Lord Michael and Lord Raphael, and we proceed to the Grid. Once there, my brothers work together, often with the assistance of several Ascended Masters, to clean the dirty areas of the Grid that I direct them to. I then set the energy flow so it no longer surges in that specific area. Once the entire Grid has been cleaned, Michael and Raphael proceed to re-charge the whole Grid with the golden-white god-energy, followed by my balancing of the Grid to re-harmonize the heavenly song so it can ?sing? at it?s highest and most powerful frequency. We have also brought the Mars Grid to full power and charged it with the gold-white energy of Love. It?s completely stabilized now and doing extremely well.

Each maintenance session has brought new insight to all three of us on how to best serve you, the Lightworkers, that are ultimately responsible for breathing life into the Grid. It is an honor, to say the least. Every time we approach the Grid, we are awestruck by your power and commitment. The 9D Grid grows daily, as new Lightworkers awaken - as does the level of energy the experienced Lightworkers are contributing to it. Initially, we found that the energy level of the Grid (as a whole), would fall sometimes into the 60% range and would need to be brought back up to 100%. It seems that with each passing day and moment, your dedication and power grows. The lowest the Grid has been lately - has been 82%. That day was, very understandably for all of us, Sept. 11, 2003. Globally, there was simply a great deal of pain and sorrow that many people were experiencing and releasing. The Grid acts as kind of a cosmic magnet if you will, and so it ?catches? the various forms of energy we are sending out in our daily lives (happy, sad, fearful, angry, joyous and so on). Any positive feelings based upon the highest frequency energy, that of love - energizes the Grid. Any negative feelings based upon the lowest frequency energy, that of fear - creates the ?black dust? that needs to be cleaned off on a regular basis, so it does not interfer with the Grid's effectiveness or efficiency.

It is our hope, now that you can picture the Grid and know the very real effect you are each having on this world, that it will, in some small way, assist you in your ongoing and highly successful efforts to help make manifest NESARA and the Ascension process. We can tell you with absolute certainty, that your efforts are causing the Illuminati more than just a little discomfort. You are interfering with their plans in ways you cannot imagine. The more powerful the Grid is - the more you free up the Ascended Hosts and the Ascended Masters high frequency energy to flow and envelope our world. You are literally shining the brightest light that has ever been seen on a 3rd dimensional planet - into even the darkest hiding places on Earth. Because of your efforts, plan after plan of the Illuminati can be seen and thwarted before it can ever come close to manifesting.

You, the LIghtworkers, are not popular with the Illuminati. Does that make anyone else grin as widely and laugh with great joy - as it does the three of us?

In love and laughter,

I AM, Lady Chiand'ra