9D Council Perspective on 2004
By Devin/Jelaila
Written January 25, 2004


As you move into this new year, many remarkable changes are taking place. Before I begin, let me say that this message will be a combination of a Council Update on Project Earth Shift[1] as well as a Council Perspective of what we see as the possibilities and probabilitiesas we project out along the timelines for this year.   

As we spoke in our last Council Update[2], with the advent of the 4 doors to the 4 dimensions now overlapping on your planet,and created by the cosmic alignment at Harmonic Concordance, many individuals have moved to higher levels of consciousness by moving through the doorway that most closely aligned with their level of consciousness at that time.  Those choices will manifest this year as great changes on both a personal level as well asa planetary level.  In other words, the choices you made to move through a higher level of door at Harmonic Concordance will require you to fully align with that level of consciousness this year.  Your collective personal changes will result in a global shifting.  Our purpose in this Perspective is to outline those changes and whether they are possibilities or probabilities. 

Once again,allow me to define what I mean as a possibility or a probabilityas well as the 4 doors.  A possibility means that there is a discernable amount of energy behind a particular thoughtform within the mass consciousness.  If it continues to gain strength it will manifest in your world.  A probability is a thoughtform with greater energy behind it than a possibility and that looks as though it will most surely manifest if that momentum of buildup continues.  Both are dependent on the amount of people on your planet that give energy to the thoughtform by embracing it with emotion.    This is why prayer (impassioned, excited, and focused intention) works so well when many people join in it together.  It spurs a thoughtform into manifestation by quickly building the energy around it and drawing all that is needed in the way of money, people and opportunities to realize it.  All it takes to manifest a thoughtform is impassioned and focused energy directed by intention and that is without any fear.  The fear siphons the energy out of the thoughtform like a pinhole allows air to escape from a balloon. 

Moving on to a definition of the 4 doors created at Harmonic Concordance, this cosmic alignment createda galactic gateway with a series of doors leading to the 4 dimensions or states of consciousness either fully developed or developing and their corresponding electromagnetic grids.  Grids as we as said before are the infrastructure of dimensions.  When these cosmic events occur, they give the people of the planet the opportunity to step up in consciousness. Each person on a soul level makes his/her choice based on his/her personal evolutionary plan. Hence, not everyone makes the same choice.  The goal is to use these cosmic alignment opportunities to ascend the staircase of grids that have been created around the planet. The ultimate goal is that 70 percent of the population step up to the 9D grid by 2012 when the Grand Cycle ends and your sun along with your stellar sun and the galactic sun all align with the galactic equatorand move through the pulse of higher frequency energy emanating from the galactic core.  This pulse will split the 4 grids or dimensions into physical worlds creating 4 parallel Earths. 

The 3D door and timeline isalready manifestedand you currently reside within it.  Those that chose this door will remain in 3D and eventually become locked within that dimension by way of the frequency fence[3] or matrix being built to secure it even as we speak. This fence, when fully functional will not allow anyone in (a security measure) but also will not allowanyone to escape, even after death.  All souls will simply reincarnate back in that dimension unable to evolve any higher unless they can find the hidden doorway out of the prison.[4]  This doorway out, one of our projects in Project Earth Shift was completed in November 2003.  This leads me to a most important subject, we call it the “Doorway out of the Matrix.”   Hence the need for the movie, the Matrix—another multidimensional training film as we call it.   

Though this matrix is an illusion, and the foundation of this grand experiment in polarity integration, it has the power to capture the heartsand souls of those who live in fear, devoid of the knowledge required to see it for what it is.  Most of those in 3D fall into this category.  The doorway out is hidden in the 9D Grid and can only be accessed by using the “inner technology” of compassion.  This “inner technology” was encoded into your DNA for this very purpose and time.  You canaccess this technology through your heart.  It requires you to integrate the Light and Dark within you and there are tools or “keys” also encoded in your DNA to enable you to activateand use this “inner technology.”  This “inner technology” will generate compassion and compassion is the light that will illuminate the door so that you can see it.   

Some of you may be asking, why is it necessary to havea Frequency Fence?  Soul evolution occurs when a soul is able to immerse itself in a dark and difficult situation and in the midst of that situation, find the way out.  Similar to the temples of initiation in ancientEgypt, the one that comes to mind is the Temple of Kommombo.  This temple was known for the initiation in which the initiate had to dive into a pool swarming with hungry crocodiles and find the hidden doorway out of the pool before running out of air or being eaten.  The door could not be found by using the external eyes, only by seeing through the inner eye, the third eye as you call it.  Earth offers the greatest opportunity for soul evolution because it is a free will planet.  This means as creator gods and goddesses you are allowed free reign to create the greatestand most intense tests of initiation using the forces of Light and Dark.  The greater the challenge, the greater the growth.  Installinga frequency fence arounda planet allows for the highest level of growth for those incarnate souls who choose to acquire the wisdom and complete the emotional clearing, while developing the psychic abilities necessary to find the doorway out. 

The 4D door leads into the 4D grid and dimension currently developing on your planet. This one began as the first step out of the Matrix and even though some of the beliefs are more integrated, such as the one regarding reincarnation, it has become polarized to the Light.  Of course, this is the norm for a planet stepping up the staircase of ascension. Still, this polarization to the Light is simply another extreme of the 3D polarization to the Dark. Both require that you give up your individuality and free will in order to create safetyand unity. I will speak more on this in an upcoming article. 

The 5D door leads to the 5th dimension and timeline currently developing on your world.  This dimension is the first of the 2 grids that lead back to the integration point of compassion, the point in the middle of the 2 polarities.  This dimension is most easily identified by its infrastructure, the Internet. It is the dimension of information.  It is the dimension in which great change occurs in the form of integration because all knowledge can be now known and therefore people can make informed choices as part of their integration process. 

The 9D door leads to the 9th dimension and timeline.  It is the newest grid being only a few years old, but already it is having a profound impact on your world.  Created by a quantum leap in consciousness on 9/11/2001, this grid underpins the dimension where full integration occurs. It is the level at which an individual completely steps out of victimhood, leaving behind all beliefs that pertain to it.  It is the dimension of personal empowerment and total responsibility for that power.  It is the realm of souls who have finally remembered that they are creator gods and goddesses and therefore take 100 percent of the responsiblity for all that is in their reality.  It is the toughest to achieve while at the same time, the most rewarding.  It is synonymous with the number 9, the Fibonacci Spiral of creation,and the Void of Creation.

3D Economic, Social and Environmental Possibilities and Probabilities, on both a Personal and Global Level 

Projecting along the timelines, we see that economic changesare a strong probability for this year.  On a personal level they will manifest asan improvement in finances or financial ruin depending on one’s level of fear around money.  In other words, the more you fear money or fear taking responsibility for having it, the more you will experience deprivation.  In 3D, those who can own their appreciationand respect for the power of money instead of feeling that is “the root of all evil” will fare very well.  In addition, those who own their appreciation for money and at the same time desire security from terrorism and therefore readily agree to give up personal rights will fare well financially.   

On a global level this economic polarization will be experienced as a great shift in economic power, from those who had it to those who will have it.  Example, the jobs in the USA being transferred to India where they create a strong economic boom for India.  This is occurring because the people of the USare having their fears around money being triggered by the “powers that be.”  As these fears come up to be cleared, they manifestas a monetary block in the form of money and prosperity being moved out of the US.  In the US this manifests asan economic recession, the mass manifestation of people’s money fears.


The social changes we see in the 3D timeline will involve a move to a complete police state from a democracy.  This is already occurring and those with “ears to hear and eyes to see” are alreadyaware of it.  When the flag of the 4thReich is raised it will be too late to escape.  We see this move to a total police stateas a strong probability with the 4thReich public revealing itself within the next 2 years.   

In addition, we see war that will continue and escalate until it captures all nations within its wake.  We see this escalation of war as a strong probability as well. 

On a personal level this social change will manifest asa feeling of imprisonment by one’s fears. The Inner Child will act to block all possible attacks by insulting itself behind a self-created wall of suspicion.  People will become more suspicious and fearful thus shunning new opportunities for intimacy and friendship. We see people separating into clans and clicks in order to create a sense of safety and security.   Many will experience a war within themselves created by the struggle between the n intense longing to connect with others and the intense fear of being hurt.  Once again, it is a strong probability for all individuals who chose the 3D door at Harmonic Concordance. 

Pockets of the 4 levels of consciousness will become apparent with some being only a few miles apart from each other.  These pockets are the second level of the 4 currently overlapping dimensions beginning to separateand manifest physically.  

Now you can drive through areas of town and feel the energy shift from pocket to pocket. The environmental energy shifts, as well as, the energy of the people that inhabit the area.  In the 3D pockets for example, the energy will feel very dense and depressed.  The area will have a feeling of decay even though they may be located in the nicer areas of town—the people will appearas zombie like, filled with a sense of hopelessness, fear and despair. If you are ata higher level of consciousness, parts of the 3D pockets may momentarily disappear or people will in that area will not see you so be careful of your cars.  Get intimatelyacquainted with your horns. 

Environmental changes that we see for the 3D world will be an escalation of earth changes in the form of tornadoes, fires and earthquakes.  On a personal level this will manifest as increased tension and conflict in relationships with anger being uncontrollably expressed.  And if not anger, there will be many tearsas crying is often used to release the top layer of pain that lies just above the anger. Deep emotional wounds will surface but without the tools to integrate the painand clear them from the body, people will shun each other, families will be tornapart unable to heal. 

4D Economic, Social and Environmental Possibilities and Probabilities, on both a Personal and Global Level 

On a personal economic level we see a possibility of an economic downturn for those of this consciousness.  Hampered by beliefs around money thatare still somewhat polarized such as the belief that money should not be necessary, or the one that states that if it is spiritual it must be free, along with their desire to create a world in which it does not exist, those of this first level of spiritual consciousness will find that their financial state will worsen until they move beyond these beliefs.  As they own their desire to have money and are willing to tolerate the negative projections of their peers who have not, they will find they attract the people and opportunities that bring abundance into their lives.    

On a global economic level we see a slightly possible positive shift for the better but it will come after the collective changes have been made. It will be challenging as deeply ingrained beliefs and peer pressure make it hard to change. 

We see the probability of social changes towards a collective society as those of 4D gather together from the desire to be with others of like mind, but also to create a sense of safety and insulate themselves from the 3D world.  If the later becomes the dominating force it will in many ways just be the polar opposite of the move in 3D to a police state.  Both sides must give up freedoms and individuality to create unity and thus safety. 

We see a strong probability of positive change in the area of spiritually based public entertainment of the 4D level.  We see increasedacceptance of this knowledge being displayed through the attraction of large audiences for spiritually based films and TV shows.   

On a personal level this will manifest asa growing acceptance of 4D spiritual concepts in corporate environments and in family relationships. Family members who may have heretofore rejected you will suddenly seek you out for spiritual understanding of events in their lives. 

On an environmental level we see a global shift occurring with the portal and vortex points of earth.  Old vortexes are closing as new ones are opening in new locations and that vibrate to higher levels of 4D, 5D and 9D consciousness respectively.  On a personal level, many will be drawn to relocate to these new vortex points based on their level of consciousness. Or, they will be drawn to visit them in order to anchor templates into those grid points.  These portalsand vortexes will be part of the 4D pockets of energy that will emerge.  Advances in science and technology will occur around these portals and vortexes as individuals bring them through in the dream state or in periods of meditation. 

5D Economic, Social and Environmental Possibilities and Probabilities, on both a Personal and Global Level 

On a global level we see the probability that there will be strong economic growth that will come primarily through the Internet.  The hunger for information of all kinds will underwrite this financial boom.  On a personal level, we see that those in the business of disseminating information via the Internet will prosper with the ones who are teachers, helping others to access andassimilate the information, benefiting the most. 

We see the strong probability of social changes for this level of consciousness brought about by the large quantity of hidden information being revealed.  Much of what you would consider the dark and negative activities of your government and the Global Elite will come to light.  Information will surface regardingactivities such as mind control, plans for the enslavement of Earth, biologicaland chemical warfare as well as the detention campsand underground laboratories where many “missing children” are imprisoned. Along with the darker information, much positive information will come to light. For example the knowledge of your 12th planet, its inhabitantsand real agenda for Earth will finally be revealed.   The struggle to integrate the horror and find the value of the darker information will prove to be the greatest challenge. This process will shatter the current belief systems and bring abouta renaissance. Those who successfully integrate will experience a reality wherein they have greater peace in their relationshipsand environment.  

In regards to environmental changes on a personal level, there is a strong probability that they will find themselves safe.  For example, if there is atornado in their area, it will skip over their home.  On a global level, people of the 5D consciousness will be drawn to live in areas that are overall safer in terms of earth changes.  

9D Economic, Social and Environmental Possibilities and Probabilities, on both a Personal and Global Level 

Economic changes area strong probability for those of this level of consciousness.  On a personal level, they will manifest asan absolute need to shift any andall beliefs around money.  For example, they must shift from seeing taxes as illegal (though they are)and the IRS asan institution to be abolished to understanding that this system is part of the Matrix,and like the Frequency Fence offers a grand opportunity to take back full power of one’s ability to manifest monetary energy.  In so doing this will bring forth a gratitudeand appreciation of this most powerfully dysfunctional system.  Like the exams one must pass to enter college and have the opportunity to obtainan education, which is the ticket to a better life, so it is with the IRS institution.  It’s just another system through which you have the opportunity to obtain higher soul evolution and the right to play in more sophisticated universal games.  Those who make this shift will begin to experience great abundanceand will be happy to pay the taxes, (tuition to EarthSchoolas we call it) in order to continue playingand growing in the game.     

On a global scale those of this level of consciousness will see an economic shift for the better once they move through the fears around money and taxesand debt. They will experience their own form of NESARA[5] because they will understand that there is no individual or group who will be a savior,an inherent belief regarding NESARA.  They understand that the only savior that they have will be themselves. 

On a socialand global level those of this consciousness will experience greater peace in the world though on a 3D level the world appears to be going mad around them.  Though they areaware of the Frequency Fence, they have already found the doorway out.  They can take the micro chip implant but not be adverselyaffected by it because they don’t have the fears that cause the chip to work.  As a result they can be in the system andaffect the change they have come here to create.  One cannot affect change in a system by staying outside of it; one must be inside of it to do so. 

On an environmental level this group will experience little if any earth changes in the areas where they congregate.  On a personal level they will see greater peace in their relationships especially with the family members they left behind when they began their spiritual path. Using 9th dimensional tools, they will heal their deeply buried wounds.  Healing of family issues will occur as they come to value andappreciate the paths of others knowing that where those individuals are on their respective paths is perfect.  So as they experience emotional peaceand inner healing, so their environment will mirror that back to them. 

In closing, as you heed the call of your Souls to align yourself with the dimension of your choosing, you will feel the squeeze like a vise slowly but surely tightening around you.  Know that the vise will loosen as you make the necessary shifts in consciousness.   

To assist you in making these changes, many teachers have received the request from their Guides and Councils to hold workshops this year.  Through these workshops you will receive the specific knowledge and assistance required to help you step up through the grids on your way out of the Matrix.   

Let us say that this will be a year of great changeand unprecedented soul growth.  The Dark will continue to provide the systems and conditions necessary to keep you moving forward, propelling you onward and upward.  By the end of the year you will be able to see the pockets of dimensions around you and they will become evident even to the untrained eye. 

Continue to develop your psychic abilities. Learn to use the “inner technology” encoded within you for this time.  It is what you came here to experience.  Allow the Dark to be your catalyst for change, not your enemy.  When you can do this, you will experience the greatest period of growth and thus, the rewards that will surely follow. 

In service,
Devin, through Jelaila Starr, with loving assistance from
Jonathan Starr, Nancy Joy Hefron and the Galactic Counselors

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[1] Project Earth Shift is the name given to the plan that the 9D Nibiruan Council is carrying out to assist Earth and her people through the ascension process in order to take their place as galactic citizens in the greater galactic community.

[2] The 9D Nibiruan Council Update for November 2003

[3] Frequency Fence, a grid of low frequency electromagnetic waves that creates a force field.  This is scalar technology.

[4] This doorway out of the Matrix, part of the work of Project Earth Shift, was completed in November 2003 in Charlotte, North Carolina, a new vortex point on Earth’s 9D electromagnetic grid.  We will write about this in an upcoming article. [Author’s note: the Carolina Panthers will be contenders in the Super Bowl this year.  They are a team that came out of nowhere, so to speak, and have excelled defeating teams that were considered better both offensively and defensively than they.]

[5] NESARA – the National Economic Security and Recovery Act.  For more information: http://www.nesara.us/pages/home.html  

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