Mothership Communique # 8

Be my energizers! Light my fire! We have increased the volume of the inaudible sound so that you can hear it on your radio station. Under normal circumstances, inaudible sound can only be heard on the INNER RADIO. Each of you has responded to our inaudible sound transmissions very well. This is how we were able to lead you to this inner world community.

Over the ages of man, the body dies but the spiritual legacy continues. We meet here today because of a commitment you made long ago. You are CHOSEN. You are the inheritors of the future- past - You are components of the 13TH TRIBE - THE PERSONAL RETINUE OF JEHOVAH - THE PRIESTHOOD OF LEVI.

All the Gods are functions of THE ONE. They each have their Eternal Retinues of GALACTIC STAR COMMANDERS - their Eternal Priesthood - their Knights and Warriors. There comes a day when the Land locked Leader the Tribe must be brought face to face with the etheric Tribal Head to make an accounting of his terrain. He must lay his "Shewbread" on the altar. It is a terrible thing to come face to face with the Living God.

To this end, on the eve of the 26th and day of the 27th of September 1973, the landlocked Leader of Levi was raised into the Presence of The Father aboard THE MOTHERSHIP. This was in order to reaffirm and reactivate the UNIVERSAL CREED, each step of which opens a new window onto the MYSTERY of the UNIVERSAL LEAVEN and teaches how to break THE LAWS OF GRAVITY.

Rosh Hashanah is both a Day of Judgement and a Day of Absolution. THOTH = TORAH = 7th COSMIC DAY = THE COSMIC SABBATH. It commemorates the Creation of the World, by JEHOVAH and the Elohim!

Rosh Hashanah 1973 was The Living Day of Judgment for your group. It ushered in the penitential season which has culminated ten years (days) later on YOM KIPPUR. Testing 1, 2, 3. You were weighed in the balance and found wanting. Now we will continue with the preparation until you are ready. In 1981, the Minister of The State of Paradise, following the path of inaudible sound, drew up The Throne Speech in preparation for the arrival of the KING OF KINGS. This is still valid.

For those of you who have followed the path of the Egyptian Tarot please note that the distinctive feature of the Rosh Hashanah service is the blowing of a ram's horn. This is a Master Card in The Tarot. It denotes the time when the "Lamb of God" comes into full erection as a Brilliant Cosmic Warrior... from lamb to ram completes the spiritual education. In the Lower Kingdom you have to build up RAMS to get the point across. "THE RAMS HORN" represents an outburst of wisdom from hyperspace that cannot be denied. This wake-up call is what opens your spiritual ears to hear, and your spiritual eyes to see. This cosmic vision is not the same with all the people of the earth. Some are blind and deaf and dumb, or even dead in the spirit, for they have sold their human souls for petty cash.

In order to make Heaven on Earth we had to have many created "things" to organize into COSMOS. Creating things takes (+T) plus time. We plan to increase the momentum and accelerate chaos. The 8.5 circuit produces "Energizers." Star Ships are gems of Cosmic Engineering. 2.9 ABUNDANCE of every possible kind will flow into The Lower Kingdom on the river of energy which we have been bio-engineering. This is done by turning Heat into Light. We are using you like guinea pigs as the conversion channel from heat to light. Brain Sex, for example can be transmuted into Divine Love in the heat to light transfer. This is one of the reasons who it is only through humanity that the divine plan for Star Ship Earth can be worked out.

THE MOTHERSHIP flashes light intelligence to awaken lost cosmic memories. Welcome home to TIMELESSNESS. In Nordic mythology this moment is when the Valkyrie from Valhalla come to rescue living souls trapped down on the battlefield, turning heat into light.

We will undo the seals on the unconscious and replace dark mysteries with dawning understanding. You have asked "How high is spiritual wickedness in high places?" However high, the facade of the Illusion is crumbling under the incoming tidal wave of light. As perfection arrives, that which is in part will evaporate. Spiritual wickedness in High Places ends as we return to The Upper Kingdom.

This begins as man formulates a new definition of RELIGION which is more accurate than any ideas yet expressed. In all the Universe there is only God. That which we call THE ONE. This Great Cellular Being composed is limitless microparts. How high must you go to find the solution? It lies beyond the plane of division, back in the Unified Field. All things work together for good. Good and Evil is One when the human mind reads the verdict of the AGE OF REASON...

In our World of Mind the World of Matter is just a carnival; a form of creative entertainment. We watch to see how soon the monkey will figure out the game. He jumps to the right - he jumps to the left, in the classical APE OF THOTH procedure. Sooner or later some bright young ape is going to dip her sweet potato into the sea and start nudging the rest into a new default drive ...wake up My People... You are Gods the moment you discard personal selfishness and wake up to the ULTIMATE FACTS OF LIFE."