Mothership Communique # 11

LIGHT BEINGS have One Language Code. They speak this language instinctively with every fibre of their being; it is the language of charade. This LIVING CHARADE is being acted out on your planet right now. As you begin to "walk your talk" of synthesis, magic works. THE PROCESS IS PERFECT. It is visible once you are ROUND THE TIME BEND. Getting the 13th Tribe "round the bend" is what MOTHERSHIP COMMUNIQUES are about.

Putting words and deeds on the function of the Perfect Process is how we will synergise our activities. Don't tell me about it: DO IT! This is what unravels resolution Circuit 11.8/8.11, which is a Glossary of Interstellar Correlations, for Global Education. IT IS THE WRITING ON THE WALL FOR ALL TO SEE. The automated object of this circuit is to topple the "Tower of Babel" of diverse interpretations concerning the ALMIGHTY ONE which has arisen among men, as 11.6, moves to the end of the original thought."THE UNIVERSE IS A SINGLE THOUGHT IN THE MIND OF GOD..."

Take for example, the words GAIA and GALAXIA and the correlation of their historical relationship. Earth has a dense physical body and a light etheric body just the same as you do. Gaia-Galaxia refers to the complete "totem pole" of the feminine principle. We could think of Galaxia as the MOTHERSHIP now magnetising all its "Gaia particles" back into itself in one great IMPLOSION of DIVINE LOVE.

You are experiencing it here in the "Domed City of Coe Hill" because we are holding it in timelessness. Within the next few years others will follow suit as (+T)+(-T) cancel each other out to end the separation of dimensions. Coil #11 on the Cosmic Cube makes it all very clear and explains how this Holy Process works. Of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, only man has the potential to develop an immortal soul to become an INFINITE LIGHT BEING, equal with the Lords of The Galaxy. The UNIVERSE is ruled by a HIERARCHY of LIGHT BEINGS, both those who follow the WHITE SUN and those who follow the BLACK SUN.

Imbalance between these two LIGHT BEINGS = CHAOS. The story starts out with two young brothers dancing in the sunlight of consciousness, as explained in the Egyptian Tarot. The brothers are spiritual infants, naked an innocent. Their HOLY MOTHER WATCHES OVER THEM with loving care.

Then comes the cosmic season for growing up; the time when the lads must go to school in DENSITY. Sadly The Mother Goddess watches her children drift away. Deeper and deeper they go into the mist of the illusion that rise from the swamp in the Enchanted Forest. The lads eat of the "Gingerbread Cottage" of life in the Black Forest of Enchantments to the physical senses. Then they are brought to an understanding of the consequences. THE SOUL (3.3) is a SOVEREIGN MONARCH in its own unique Kingdom. The matrix is similar to the intelligent energy involved in making snowflakes. We have said this in thousands of PUBLISHED DOCUMENTS, "Boarding Passes to THE MOTHERSHIP" and "Rites of Passage" ... "THIS ABOVE ALL: TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE."

The Lords of Darkness deal in the SLAVE TRADE. They are incredibly good at trapping souls. They prove that the Devil is King of this World. The Alien Slave Traders approach THE SOVEREIGN MONARCH SOUL bearing glittering gifts, promises of wealth, power and assorted lusts of the flesh. But all that glitters is not gold. So if anything glitters with promise of power and delight - watch out. The more it glitters on the surface the less likely it is to be real gold.

The Sovereign Monarch trades the precious commodity of "Gold Tried in The Fire" for "Fools gold..." often by allowing alien invaders to wear down his integrity structure with obvious advantages for sinning: a little bend of integrity here, some cheating there, a broken promise or two. This is a common 6.7 tactic in the "Fools Gold Market."

"Fools Gold" has value: A 100% totally enslaved thing that was once a HUMAN BEING, but now serving darkness and disintegration is a useful underworld commodity to be held in the dungeon of dark relationships. The LORDS OF CHAOS, (The MIB of UFO's), delight in showing off their prizes, for they are what allows CHAOS to uphold, defend, and extend the Diabolical Empire that presently holds Gaia in a death grip, and prevents GALAXIA from manifesting THE SOLUTION OF THE COSMIC CHRIST.

THE COSMIC CHRIST is a mighty big dimension to fill. It is like an huge empty crystal cavern with multiple magnetic points for the completion of all who come in. 11.4 is where we get on with it.

Each function on the COSMIC CUBE has A MASTER. 11.2 is the LODE MASTER. He is kept busy loading the fabric with light balls and healing cells, ready to be dispatched once we get our "Missile Launchers" into "STRIKE FORCE OMEGA" position. Millions of electronic marvels are waiting to be dispersed into the field of human consciousness. (These became Computer Bulletin Boards, e-mail, Internet and www.) The completion of this circuit is 2.11 HEALTH & WEALTH for the entire planetary system is like the "Winged Snake" of full cosmic consciousness completing its life circuit and biting its own tail.

The 11.8 Circuit MASTER, is the AVATAR OF SYNTHESIS. He/She will prepare a Glossary of Correlations so that words and deeds can be made into a SOLID STATE CIRCUIT of unimaginable LIGHT POWER. This is where THE COSMIC CUBE gets ALL LIT UP like a CHRISTMAS TREE as we reach a solid state circuit where Christ-consciousness and Cosmic-consciousness are the same thing. To this end all work will be displayed in your CORPORATE COLOURS of Black and White. This way we can KISS the rainbow bridge goodbye and keep it simple sweethearts. I AM HERE NOW, pinpointing the COMMON ENEMY, which is the sum total of all the 11.8 correlations concerning the nature of the Planetary BEAST OF REVELATIONS... we will analyze this creature, tear it apart limb by limb, molecule by molecule to see what makes him tick.

The 11.9 MASTER is the owner of the Vineyard come to collect his rightful dues. Dominant local MANDARINS always give incarnate gods a rough time when they are sent to remind the Kings that there is a KING OF KINGS; and that the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. So at the end of time, when THE MASTER HIMSELF (11.9) comes into the harvest fields, He comes as the LORD MIGHTY IN BATTLE, leading the Heavenly Host, bringing THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT FORCES with Him.

The 11.11 MASTER is the Head of our "Human Resources Full Employment Agency." We have sufficient restoration programs on file to keep every Citizen at maximum quality productivity for 1000 years, in a world where frustration is unknown and fulfilment is common.

The 11.12 FLOOD MASTER is busy preparing to release the Flood Gates of The Heavens. This is the CRYSTAL RIVER of all human knowledge with the error cancelled out, so that regenerated life forms can flow into the Christed Cathedral of GENESIS II. This flood could come from our military forces based in CRAY II, our Galactic Federation Database in Mountainview, California, from Physicists who understand the principles of the wedlock of "As Above-So Below."

Ray Modlin and Silas Kung have databanks of both dark and light, short, medium and long range "ammunition" to release the FLOOD TIDE OF LIGHT from CRAY II when the 7.4/4.7 meter needle hits time sync. Dr. Kung speaks 10 earth languages, plus the language of physics and the LANGUAGE OF LIGHT. He landed here as a tiny oriental baby - the tenth child in a poor family. He was rescued from a father's sentence of "Death by drowning" by his maternal grandmother. This is where LOA TSE, the TIME LORD slipped into the flesh carrying the ultimate intelligence of how to start and stop time. Quantum Metaphysics so to speak.

Astro-Physicist Ray Modlin, of Oakville, worked out the actual physics of the Cosmic Cube, and emerged exultant. "We did it! We hit a home run!" His life partner Susan's functional role is to step to the front and centre of the New Earth Era Stage Set, on behalf of the 13th Tribe of Levi. Her contract is already signed; the work is already done..."O Ray, can you see, by the dawn's early light... that our flag is still there..."

We took your leadership around the bend, out of the delusional world in 1973 during the Lester B. Pearson, Peace Park abduction... OAKVILLE is both a dense and an etheric embodiment of an idea. The full flowering of a single acorn into an OakForest... then the Oak forest gets sucked back into the acorn.

The CRAY II databank comes into synergism, when CRAY I and CRAY II face one another in a reflective SUN-MOON stance. One such reflection of information concerns the HISTORY OF UFO's, and their underground cities, buried deep in the Silicone Hills, and held in multiple overland "Crystal Bubble Cities" like the one we have built in the (+T)+(-T) mindspace, here at Coe Hill.

The MASTER OF 11.1 - is our summit-link with THE SUPRA ORDINATE FACTOR: THE SOLAR LOGOS CONNECTION. Know just this one cubit and you know 'em all. See the beauty of The Queen of Heaven and Earth in just one momentary light flash and it is finished.

See also the other side of the beauty coin, the avarice and violence and the almost unbelievable cover up hoax, concerning the GALACTIC FEDERATION, as the contents of various national databanks are released to the public.

God did bless America. Cray II is a powerful concentrated mindspace. It seeks to take over the world but this can never be so for Cray I states, "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." This means that the crystal river which flows from the Cosmic Cube is for the benefit of all. It is a crystallized and synthesized Star Ship Earth SPINAL TAP, powerful information in the hands of the people.

Dr. Silas Kung was subjected to the spinal tap of human intelligence into CRAY II. He observed the method for brain liquidification and draining procedures, into a mechanical device. This brain drain process, harvested scientific slaves (grapes from the vineyard) by bringing them into a hi-tec compound, and employing ego-boosting competitive techniques. By playing one mind against another, Cray II extracted the knowledge of each individual into its Super-Computer Brain. But who has a finger on the button. Certainly not an elected President.

Cray II was planning to take over the Star Ship Earth. The evidence was made clear by the charade it was enacting. Subjects are led to believe they are participating in a global-saving program. To this end are asked to preserve strict secrecy about their work. The pay is good: The self esteem involved is highly motivating. But to the higher intelligence of a meta-scientist like Kung, who knew something of The Cosmic Cube, the target that Cray II had set its sights upon had to be averted.

When psychological tests revealed that Kung's loyalty went beyond the Cray II project, he was roughly discarded; treated as a subversive character, and quickly discharged. He soon found that he was blacklisted and could not obtain further employment in his profession. (see our X-Files.)

Metaphysician Kung is a sincere world citizen. His professional opinion is that a PSYCHIC FORCE would flip this planet into thenext dimension, in a single flash of LIGHT.

The lower level of consciousness decks on THE MOTHERSHIP are not the place for SOVEREIGN BEINGS. The blind and robotic activities become more visible way on a daily basis. "God mad for God" is your instruction... BREAK AWAY! Come out of her my people! Break free of the Superego structure of the ages and release your brilliant Spiritual Mind to its glorious 5.5 destiny. During this transformation you will experience moments of light followed by moments of darkness, as the powerful fermentation process from fission to fusion of souls gets underway.

The COSMIC CUBE can fuel personal computers in the hands of common people with a LIGHT POWER sufficient to topple the power structure of the national "Superbrain" databanks built up for purposes of increasing dominating fission among the nations. The CUBE is programmed to serve the mutual benefit of all mankind; its intent is to create GLOBAL FUSION, in its wake comes prosperity for all.

Ideas are heavily charged with INTELLIGENT ENERGY seeking a directional signal for SOLUTION. The Universal Hierarchy points out 666 and how to flip through the mirror to 999. This is done by the release an Electronic Brainwave, which will raise an "island in the sky" from underneath the sea of cosmic consciousness, like a hydraulic lift. Each triumphant electronic brainwave from the ONE MIND has a different pattern.

Were it not for the WORD OF GOD, SOLAR LOGOS, all would be lost. For it is written - "The meek shall inherit the earth. Though all else may pass away MY WORD shall remain for ever and ever. Amen!"