9D Nibiruan Council Update - Nov. 2003
By Devin/Jelaila 
written October 30, 2003


For some time now we have been observing the events on your world. To say things are changing is an understatement.  They are changing so fast right now that we can only sit backand observe, waiting for the energies to settle.  Now, you mayask, why are we taking this stance?  It?s simple. We are observing the behavior of a new grid around your planet, the likes of which has never been seen on a Grand Experiment.  The grid to which we refer is the 9th dimensional grid, created by you as your response to the events of 9/11.  For those of you unfamiliar with grids, allow me to digress a moment to give a brief explanation.  Electromagnetic grids (grids) are fields of energy that surround a planet. If you could observe them from space with your 3d eyes, you would see a massive net or grid work that encompasses the planet and is anchored at key points called nodes.  Nodes are the major intersecting points of the grid where lines meet. Your sacred sites such as the Giza plateau in Egyptare sacred because they are the node points of the planet where all grids are anchored.   

Grids are the infrastructure for a dimension.  There are templates, much like computer discs located in each grid. These templates hold the basic paradigms of their respective grid.  The paradigmsare composed of a series of belief systems.  The paradigms can be likened to software programs. These programs influence the mass consciousness of the people literally programming their minds and controlling their behavior based on the degree of free will allowed on the planet. In your case there is total free will so even though the programming is in the grid, you have the ability to embrace it or not.   

Each grid represents a state of consciousness based on the templates held within each.  Please keep that in mind as we go along. You have 6 grids encompassing your planet at this time.  They are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5thand 9th dimensional grids so there are in essence, 6 dimensions overlapping on your world.  Your physical existence is anchored in the first three.  The final three are a matter of choice meaning that you can choose to step up to them. They are the grids of ascension meaning that each one represents a step up in consciousness beyond your 3rd dimensional state of consciousness.   

The grids have been the foundation of our work to assist you.  We realize that in order to ascenda planet and its people, they must have a ladder or staircase upon which to step out of the dimension that holds them.  From a planetary perspective, this means electromagnetic grids. Grids are in essence, the steps of the staircase of ascension that enables you to move upward and out of your current dimension one step at a time by ascending or shifting your consciousness to more and more integrated states. In past updates we have explained the steps we have taken to assist you in creating these grids.  From the start the goal was to create a 9th dimensional grid by building first a 4D grid, then a 5D grid, then a 6D grid and so on all the way up to a 9D grid.  We anticipated that it would take until 2012 to develop all the grids.  But, you haveamazed us all, creating it 9 yearsahead of schedule with a quantum leap from your 5D grid to a 9D grid!   With this grid you areable to ascend into a state of consciousness in which harmony and diversity can coexist. This is true polarity integration and the universal purpose for which we all exist.  With harmony in diversity you can have unity without sacrificing your individualityand free will. You have a difference of opinion without going to war. Once this dimension of consciousness is achieved the game for soul evolution in this universe ends and we graduateand move on to other universes and create new games to continue our growth.   

Our plans have been based on creating this 9D grid by 2012, the projected time when several major and minor galactic cycles complete. Now that it has been accomplished ahead of schedule, we must create new plans.  But we cannot do that until we see how the force of compassion, the energy of the 9D Grid, synonymous with the Void of Creation, the great neutralizer of all polarity, will move through the mass consciousness.  Right now we see that it is having a tremendous impact, moving through your populationand influencing you on a cellular level.  The result is that more and more you areacting as creator gods/goddesses when in a conflict, stopping to think about why you co-createdan event, looking for the higher purpose behind it instead of immediately reacting in fear.  Age-old feuds are being resolved because you are tired of fighting.  You want peace. You are beginning to stand up for what you want instead of looking for someone to save you.  These are signs of multidimensionality, of compassion, the two words that best describe the energies of the 9D grid. 

Now you are coming to a crossroads at which there are 4 doors leading onto four paths.  You call it Harmonic Concordance.  We like that name. The doors represent one of the 3rd, 4th, 5th,and 9th dimensional grids respectively.  As we said earlier, a dimension is a state of consciousness.  Another word for a state of consciousness is a reality. So, each door is an opening to a different reality.  As you focus your intentions on the day of the grand planetaryalignment, your state of consciousness, your level of integration and compassion, will determine which one of the doors you move through and which reality you will exist in.   

As this choice is made, each of the grids is energized and the 4 dimensions which have been overlapping begin to split and individualize into 4 different versions of Earth.  As they are energized they become physicall.  You could call them parallel Earths. If you have chosen one of the higher grids, you will experience this separationas a sense of loss mingled with joy.  And based on which reality you have chosen, you will experience people disappearing from your life both business and personal.  This will come about because you no longer have the desire to invest time and energy in relationships with individuals who are not aligned with your path.  This, of course, will be done with honor andappreciation for those you leave behind, not with negativityand judgment as though they are less than you.  They have simply chosen a reality that is in alignment with their evolutionary needs. 

It has been a long journey to this crossroads taking many years and much integrating of the Dark.  Many of you may be feeling frustratedas though you have sacrificed everything for nothing.  You may be financially depleted, sick and emotionally/physically burned out.  All that you are experiencing, the sadness, the sense of loss, is normal?yes, normal.  What did you expect to feel after such a long, hard journey, one that required you to allow your old foundation to be destroyed so that a new one, a new reality could be built?  Integrating the Dark is not all love and light as you have learned.  It takes strong commitment to the mission along with tremendous effort and willpower to standand watch the life you once knew literally crumble before your very eyes. For some it may feel as though you are moving though your chosen door with just the shirt on your back and wonder why.  Why does it have to be so difficult? 

It has been our position that you don?t need a savior to save you. You can save yourselves and you are doing it, but as you learned, salvation or ascension comes with a price.  We have stated many times that this is the 3rdattempt to achieve polarity integration; it is the 3rd Grand Experiment.  We failed twice before.  Each time we would get to a point in the process and faced with the loss of all we knew and cherished in the dimensional prison from which we were attempting to free ourselves, burned out and depleted, we quit and fell back into the prison too tired to struggle any longer.  It wasn?t long after that that our worlds were destroyed by war.   

This time we have gotten farther than before, we have created the 9D Grid.  We never got pasta 5D grid on the previous two attempts.  And once again,after achieving success, we are tired and depleted. This is the point where we must muster all of our courage, pulling from the depths of our being, that last bit of energy and use it to keep going. Remember your saying, ?success is one step past failure.? You may feel as though you have failed because all your material comforts are gone and your body is aching, but you have ensured your success?you just have to take that next step to claim it.  This is the point where things begin to turn around for those of you choosing the 9D door.  

As you move through the 9D door you will find relief througha reality that becomes more integrated. Your bodies will begin to heal, your minds become clearand sharp, your finances replenished.  Why? You have entered into a more balanced state, one where you truly begin to act out of the consciousness of a creator god/goddess and take full responsibility for all that you create. This level of integrated consciousness, where Dark and Light are simply tools to manifest creation, engenders no victimhood and thus, no illness which is the state of one who does not see and accept his/her godhood and powers. 

There?s one last point we?d like to address.  Some of you may feel a sense of grieving and not know why.  This is your Inner Children grieving the loss of a reality,a world that is their home.  As you move onto new paths, higher dimensions, you are leaving the 3D version of your planet behind.  Yes, all the dimensional realitiesare mirror images of Earth but with differences that though subtle now, will become more apparentas time goes on.  Your Inner Child knows that these new Earths are not the same Earth from which he/she was made.  Going further, the Inner Child grieves the loss of people we leave behind.  Allow yourselves to grieve the losses. Don?t stuff this pain and focus only on the Light.  If you do, you will find yourself getting stuck, unable to move forward.  

In closing, we again congratulate you on your amazing success.  And though you may be sad now, know that it will change.  The worse part is over.  We admireand appreciate the magnificent creator gods and goddesses that you are. We are honored to be your brother and sisters.  And though we are dimensions away, our hearts feel no distance.  We are right beside you walking with you each step of the way. 

In loving service,
Devin, Head of the Galactic Federation?s 9D Nibiruan Council
throughJelailaStarr, messenger